Food & Culinary Science

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Food Additive Toxicology

September 13, 1994

"Provides both historical information and the latest toxicological data on various classes of food additives--examining the production, application, and safety of numerous compounds used to enhance and preserve the quality of foods."...

Marketing Beef in Japan

William A Kerr, Kurt K Klein, Andrew D O'Rourke, Jill E. Hobbs
July 21, 1994

The authors investigate the market for beef in Japan. Using simply explained economic concepts, they analyze each of the main determinants of the demand for beef in Japan to provide the reader with an in-depth understanding of this enigmatic market. Each chapter analyzes a specific aspect of the...

Food Safety 1994

Food Research I
July 06, 1994

This work covers the latest developments in food safety and foodborne illness, organizing information to provide easy access to hundreds of topics, both general and specific. Comprehensive summaries of the most important advances in food science, complied from over 580 sources worldwide, are...

Structure and Development of Meat Animals and Poultry

H. J. Swatland
June 25, 1994

An updated (and re-titled) edition of a major text, Structure and Development of Meat Animals and Poultry serves the information needs of meat science and animal production professionals and meat industry personnel. The book is well illustrated with more than 250 line drawings and photographs....

Protein Functionality in Food Systems

Navam S. Hettiarachchy, Gregory R. Ziegler
May 10, 1994

This volume examines the contributions of proteins to the technological and organoleptic characteristics of food. It provides a solid basis for understanding the principles of food protein functionality and offers information to help develop unique food products using proteins as novel ingredients....

Managing the Potato Production System: 0734

Bill Bryan Dean
April 29, 1994

This important book on the culture of the potato presents scientific information for potato growers in an easily accessible format and clear language. Managing the Potato Production System contains all the information needed to harvest a bountiful crop. The book is written specifically for field...

Carbohydrate Polyesters as Fat Substitutes

Casimir C. Akoh
April 19, 1994

"Providing up-to-date information on potential fat substitutes, including protein-based, carbohydrate-based, and lipid-based substitutes, this unique reference/text focuses on the benefits of carbohydrate polyesters and the various methods available for their production, isolation, analysis, and...

Understanding the Japanese Food and Agrimarket: A Multifaceted Opportunity

Andrew D O'Rourke
February 01, 1994

The contributing authors of Understanding the Japanese Food and Agrimarket discuss broad forces that affect markets in Japan and specific situations faced in marketing grain, livestock, and seafood products; fruits; vegetables; and wood products. Many of the contributors speak and read Japanese and...

Animal Drugs and Human Health

Lester M. Crawford, Don A. Franco
January 01, 1994

The presence of drug and chemical residues in food products from animal sources is both a public health problem and a consumer concern. This is the first book to examine and analyze this problem in a scientific, non-partisan way. The twelve contributing authors are all recognized authorities on...

The Flavonoids Advances in Research Since 1986

J.B. Harborne
December 09, 1993

Flavonoids are a group of natural products isolated from a wide variety of plants, and are responsible for much of the coloring found in vascular plants. They exhibit a wide range of biological activities and are of particular interest as potential anti-cancer agents, as insect antifeedants, and as...

Principles of Enzymology for the Food Sciences, Second Edition,

John R. Whitaker
November 30, 1993

This second edition explains the fundamentals of enzymology and describes the role of enzymes in food, agricultural and health sciences. Among other topics, it provides new methods for protein determination and purification; examines the novel concept of hysteresis; and furnishes new information on...

Foods & Nutrition Encyclopedia I to Z, 2nd Edition, Volume 2

Marion Eugene Ensminger, Audrey H. Ensminger
November 09, 1993

Foods and Nutrition Encyclopedia, 2nd Edition is the updated, expanded version of what has been described as a "monumental, classic work." This new edition contains more than 2,400 pages; 1,692 illustrations, 96 of which are full-color photographs; 2,800 entries (topics); and 462 tables, including...