Food & Culinary Science

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Applied Sensory Analy of Foods

Howard R. Moskowitz
June 30, 1988


Nutrient Interactions

May 19, 1988


Technology and Biochemistry of Wine

Beatrix Farkas
March 08, 1988


Colour Atlas of Food Quality Control

Jane Sutherland, A H Varm
August 31, 1987

This extensively color-illustrated atlas serves as a comprehensive guide not only to persons actively involved in food quality control but also to students and trainees, as well as to nontechnical food in-dustry personnel who wish to enhance their product knowledge. Each chapter is devoted to a...

Food Texture

April 07, 1987


Sensory Evaluation of Food: Statistical Methods and Procedures

Michael O'Mahony
January 10, 1986

Sensory Evaluation of Food: Statistical Methods and Procedure covers all of the basic techniques of sensory testing, from simple discrimination tests to home use placements for consumers. Providing a practical guide to how tests are conducted, the book explores the fundamental psychological and...

Aspartame: Physiology and Biochemistry

Filer Stegink
June 13, 1984


Handbook of Flavor Ingredients, Volume II

Thomas E. Furia
July 01, 1975