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Handbook of Functional Beverages and Human Health


Fereidoon Shahidi, Cesarettin Alasalvar
March 9, 2016

Handbook of Functional Beverages and Human Health provides potential applications and new developments in functional beverages, nutraceuticals, and health foods. In addition to serving as a reference manual, it summarizes the current state of knowledge in key research areas and contains novel ideas ...

Sensory Evaluation Techniques, Fifth Edition


Gail Vance Civille, B. Thomas Carr
November 23, 2015

This new edition of a bestseller covers all phases of performing sensory evaluation studies, from listing the steps involved in a sensory evaluation project to presenting advanced statistical methods. Like its predecessors, Sensory Evaluation Techniques, Fifth Edition gives a clear and concise prese...

Postharvest Ripening Physiology of Crops


Sunil Pareek
February 3, 2016

Postharvest Ripening Physiology of Crops is a comprehensive interdisciplinary reference source for the various aspects of fruit ripening and postharvest behavior. It focuses on the postharvest physiology, biochemistry, and molecular biology of ripening and provides an overview of fruits and vegetabl...

The Glycemic Index: Applications in Practice

Elena Philippou
August 25, 2016

In 1981, David Jenkins, Thomas Wolever, and colleagues introduced the concept of the glycemic index (GI) to differentiate carbohydrates based on the rate of blood glucose rise following their consumption. Although GI was first used in diet therapy for diabetes, research evidence has accumulated...

Edible Films and Coatings: Fundamentals and Applications

Maria Pilar Montero Garcia, M. Carmen Gómez-Guillén, M. Elvira López-Caballero, Gustavo V. Barbosa-Cánovas
August 24, 2016

The search for better strategies to preserve foods with minimal changes during processing has been of great interest in recent decades. Traditionally, edible films and coatings have been used as a partial barrier to moisture, oxygen, and carbon dioxide through selective permeability to gases, as...

Fermented Foods of Latin America: From Traditional Knowledge to Innovative Applications

Ana Lucia Barretto Penna, Luis A. Nero, Svetoslav D. Todorov
August 19, 2016

Due to the indigenous knowledge of pre-Colombian indigenous tribes and the new methods introduced by the immigrants arriving from Europe and other continents, a wide variety of fermented foods are produced in Latin America. In this book, we have collected information about the Latin American...

Innovative Processing Technologies for Foods with Bioactive Compounds

Jorge J. Moreno
August 12, 2016

Natural foods, like fruits and vegetables, represent the simplest form of functional foods and provide excellent sources of functional compounds. Maximizing opportunities to make use of and incorporate these compounds requires special processing. Fortunately, technologies available to produce food...

Green Coffee Bean Extract in Human Health

Debasis Bagchi, Hiroyoshi Moriyama, Anand Swaroop
August 12, 2016

The role of green coffee bean (GCB) in human health is of emerging interest to the nutraceutical field, especially given its role in improving metabolic syndrome, including weight management, hypertension, diabetes, and neuroprotection. GCB extract contains a novel antioxidant known as chlorogenic...

Fermented Meat Products: Health Aspects

Nevijo Zdolec
August 02, 2016

This book presents recent developments on the health and safety of fermented meat products. It discusses health aspects of select topics in fermented meat microbiology, veterinary public health, chemistry, technology, biotechnology, nutrition, toxicology, and quality assurance, and gives a broad...

Fresh-Cut Fruits and Vegetables: Technology, Physiology, and Safety

Sunil Pareek
August 01, 2016

Because they meet the needs of today’s consumers, fresh-cut plant products are currently one of the hottest commodities in the food market of industrialized countries. However, fresh-cut produce deteriorates faster than the correspondent intact produce. The main purpose of Fresh-Cut Fruits and...

Food Processing Technologies: Impact on Product Attributes

Amit K. Jaiswal
July 26, 2016

The processing of food generally implies the transformation of the perishable raw food to value-added products. It imparts benefits, such as the destruction of surface microflora, and inactivation of deleterious enzymes, such as peroxidase, leading to a greater shelf life of the food. It also...

Edible Insects of the World

Jun Mitsuhashi
July 13, 2016

The first book on entomophagy written in this manner, Edible Insects of the World is an enumeration of 2,141 species of edible insects. For the reader’s convenience, insect names are arranged much like a dictionary, first by taxonomic group and then by country. In addition to taxonomic and location...

Postharvest Management of Horticultural Crops: Practices for Quality Preservation

Mohammed Wasim Siddiqui, Asgar Ali
July 08, 2016

This book presents several pre- and postharvest strategies that have been developed to modify these physiological activities, resulting in increased shelf life. The book also discusses the best technologies that positively influence quality attributes of the produce, including senescenal changes...

Advances in Heat Pump-Assisted Drying Technology

Vasile Minea
July 01, 2016

Drying of solids is one of the most common, complex, and energy-intensive industrial processes. Conventional dryers offer limited opportunities to increase energy efficiency. Heat pump dryers are more energy and cost effective, as they can recycle drying thermal energy and reduce CO2, particulate,...

Food Biotechnology

S.C. Bhatia
June 15, 2016

Today, in the arena of food, the primary goals of food biotechnology are to provide a more abundant, less expensive, and a more nutritious food supply in order to address the needs of our growing global population. Today, food biotechnology utilizes the knowledge of plant science and genetics to...