Ergonomics & Human Factors

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Ergonomics Of Working Postures: Models, Methods And Cases: The Proceedings Of The First International Occupational Ergonomics Symposium, Zadar, Yugoslavia, 15-17 April 1985

1st Edition

E. N. Corlett, John R. Wilson, I. Manenica
October 09, 1986

This book is based on an international symposium on the Ergonomics of Working Postures, at Zadar. It explores fairly specific areas of occupational ergonomics with the purpose of drawing together major current trends....

The Psychology of Human-Computer Interaction

1st Edition

Stuart K. Card, Thomas P. Moran, Allen Newell
February 01, 1986


User Centered System Design: New Perspectives on Human-computer Interaction

1st Edition

Donald A. Norman, Stephen W. Draper
January 01, 1986

This comprehensive volume is the product of an intensive collaborative effort among researchers across the United States, Europe and Japan. The result -- a change in the way we think of humans and computers....

Successful Product and Business Development, First Edition

1st Edition

N. Giragosian
November 01, 1978

This book shows how the people carrying out industrial commercial development perform the vital functions and deals with the organization and structure of commercial development. It describes the change in thinking of chemical companies from a product-oriented outlook to a business-oriented one....