Ergonomics & Human Factors

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Participatory Design: Principles and Practices

1st Edition

Douglas Schuler, Aki Namioka
March 01, 1993

The voices in this collection are primarily those of researchers and developers concerned with bringing knowledge of technological possibilities to bear on informed and effective system design. Their efforts are distinguished from many previous writings on system development by their central and...

Looking Ahead: Human Factors Challenges in A Changing World

1st Edition

Raymond S. Nickerson
October 01, 1992

This volume aims to review some of the recent developments and trends that seem especially relevant to any attempt to understand near-term-future possibilities; to consider what a variety of knowledgeable people are saying about changes and developments that could occur; and to relate the...

A Guide To Task Analysis: The Task Analysis Working Group

1st Edition

B Kirwan, L. K. Ainsworth
September 09, 1992

This work shows readers how to target task analysis TA resources effectively over the life cycle of a project from conceptual design Through To Systems Operation, Noting The Role Of TA In Safety And Quality assurance, minimizing operator error,...

Fitness For Work: The Role Of Physical Demands Analysis And Physical Capacity Assessment

1st Edition

T. M. Fraser
August 10, 1992

Offers an occupational ergonomic analysis of medical selection procedures for disabled and able-bodied labour-market entrants. The book re-examines the concept of fitness for work and emphasizes humanitarian and legislative factors....

Making Shiftwork Tolerable

1st Edition

T H Monk, S. Folkard
June 16, 1992

This text guides the reader through the many forms of shiftwork, adopting a broad definition as being any regularly-taken employment outside the "day working window" 06.00 to 18.00. The experiences of shiftworkers are described, along with those...

Contemporary Ergonomics: Ergonomics For Industry

1st Edition

E. J. Lovesay
March 25, 1992


Multiple Task Performance

1st Edition

D Damos
October 07, 1991


Graphics Interface 1991

3rd Edition

Stephen MacKay, Evelyn M. Kidd
June 07, 1991

Graphics Interface Proceedings is a collection of the papers presented at the annual gathering of the Canadian Human-Computer Communications Society. These papers were presented on June 3rd-7th in Calgery, Alberta. Graphics Interface is the Canadian annual conference devoted to computer graphics,...

Design at Work: Cooperative Design of Computer Systems

1st Edition

Joan Greenbaum, Morten Kyng
April 01, 1991

The contributors to this important volume begin with a simple premise: Computer system development is difficult, not primarily because of the complexity of technical problems, but because of the social interaction involved when users and designers learn to create programs and express ideas together...

Human Error: Cause, Prediction, and Reduction

1st Edition

John W. Senders, Neville P. Moray
March 01, 1991

This volume examines the nature of human error -- its causes and origins, its classifications, and the extent to which it is possible to predict and prevent errors and their impact. One of the first texts to deal with this topic in detail, it draws into a single cohesive account contributions from...

Through the Interface: A Human Activity Approach To User Interface Design

1st Edition

Susanne Bodker
October 01, 1990

In providing a theoretical framework for understanding human- computer interaction as well as design of user interfaces, this book combines elements of anthropology, psychology, cognitive science, software engineering, and computer science. The framework examines the everyday work practices of...

Right Every Time: Using the Deming Approach

1st Edition

F. Price
January 18, 1990

A Druid looks at quality control for product and service industries, amplifying from his earlier book Right first time . Some highlights: Quality is a religion, with the same trappings and pitfalls as other religions; humanity can be distorted, but not abolished, by managerial decree and organizatio...