Ergonomics & Human Factors

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Through the Interface: A Human Activity Approach To User Interface Design

1st Edition

Susanne Bodker
October 01, 1990

In providing a theoretical framework for understanding human- computer interaction as well as design of user interfaces, this book combines elements of anthropology, psychology, cognitive science, software engineering, and computer science. The framework examines the everyday work practices of...

Right Every Time: Using the Deming Approach

1st Edition

F. Price
January 18, 1990

A Druid looks at quality control for product and service industries, amplifying from his earlier book Right first time . Some highlights: Quality is a religion, with the same trappings and pitfalls as other religions; humanity can be distorted, but not abolished, by managerial decree and organizatio...

Physiology Of Work

1st Edition

Kaare Rodahl
November 13, 1989

This text focuses on the applied physiology of work in modern industry. After covering the biological background to work physiology and its relationship to work psychology and occupational medicine it goes on to explore the problems encountered in a...

Manual Materials Handling: Design And Injury Control Through Ergonomics

1st Edition

M M Ayoub
September 21, 1989

This book highlights the problems and hazards of manual materials handling and provides ergonomic and engineering solutions for alleviating them. It is helpful for both researchers and practitioners who are committed to solving the multifaceted manual materials handling problem....

Graphics Interface 1989

2nd Edition

June 23, 1989

Graphics Interface is the Canadian annual conference devoted to computer graphics, interactive systems, and human-computer interaction. It is the oldest regularly-scheduled computer graphics and human-computer interaction conference....

Technological Support for Work Group Collaboration

1st Edition

Margrethe H. Olson, Margrethe H. Olsonz
December 01, 1988

This text discusses the emerging trend in product development and research that focuses on the increasingly important relationship between computer systems and social systems. The text emphasizes the significance of building tools to help people work together and the need for the identification of...

Graphics Interface 1988

1st Edition

Marceli Wein, Evelyn M. Kidd
June 10, 1988

Graphics Interface Proceedings is a collection of the papers presented at the annual gathering of the Canadian Human-Computer Communications Society. These papers were presented on June 6th-10th in Edmonton, Alberta. Graphics Interface is the Canadian annual conference devoted to computer graphics,...

Ergonomics In Computerized Offices

1st Edition

E. Grandjean
December 18, 1986

"Ergonomics in Computerized Offices should be required reading for office managers, union representatives, engineers, designers, or anyone employed in implementing a computerized office or improving conditions in an already computerized excellent addition to any personal library."--...

Ergonomics Of Working Postures: Models, Methods And Cases: The Proceedings Of The First International Occupational Ergonomics Symposium, Zadar, Yugoslavia, 15-17 April 1985

1st Edition

E. N. Corlett, John R. Wilson, I. Manenica
October 09, 1986

This book is based on an international symposium on the Ergonomics of Working Postures, at Zadar. It explores fairly specific areas of occupational ergonomics with the purpose of drawing together major current trends....

The Psychology of Human-Computer Interaction

1st Edition

Stuart K. Card, Thomas P. Moran, Allen Newell
February 01, 1986

This book aims to help lay a scientific foundation for an applied psychology concerned with the human users of interactive computer systems. It presents the results of some of the main strands of the Applied Information-Processing Psychology Project group's research....

User Centered System Design: New Perspectives on Human-computer Interaction

1st Edition

Donald A. Norman, Stephen W. Draper
January 01, 1986

This comprehensive volume is the product of an intensive collaborative effort among researchers across the United States, Europe and Japan. The result -- a change in the way we think of humans and computers....

Successful Product and Business Development, First Edition

1st Edition

N. Giragosian
November 01, 1978

This book shows how the people carrying out industrial commercial development perform the vital functions and deals with the organization and structure of commercial development. It describes the change in thinking of chemical companies from a product-oriented outlook to a business-oriented one....