Ergonomics & Human Factors

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Work and Aging: A European Prospective

1st Edition

Jan Snel, R. Cremer
January 30, 1995

In the past few years the topic of work and ageing has received much public and professional interest. The progressive "greying" of the population and its impact on work is a problem of widespread and growing concern, with major consequences for the economy in terms of productivity, performance,...

Hard Facts About Soft Machines: The Ergonomics Of Seating

1st Edition

Rani Lueder, Kageyu Noro
November 23, 1994

Although work furniture has had so much more attention recently there is a long way to go before this is translated into action in the wider world. Increased international concern for the health and safety of people at work is one of the driving forces behind this book.; The Science of Seating...

A Guide To Practical Human Reliability Assessment

1st Edition

B. Kirwan
November 07, 1994

Human error is here to stay. This perhaps obvious statement has a profound implication for society when faced with the types of hazardous system accidents that have occurred over the past three decades. Such accidents have been strongly influenced by human error, yet many system designs in...

Collective Intelligence in Computer-Based Collaboration

1st Edition

John B. Smith
August 01, 1994

Proposing a new paradigm for Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), this ground-breaking book presents a research agenda for developing and testing that paradigm. It constitutes the first attempt to outline a comprehensive model of collaboration that integrates the cognitive/conceptual and...

Adaptive User Support: Ergonomic Design of Manually and Automatically Adaptable Software

1st Edition

Reinhard Oppermann
August 01, 1994

The potential of software applications to solve an array of office and administrative problems is increasing faster than the ability of users to exploit it. We need to make systems easier to learn and more comfortable to use. This book reports a major advance in the effort to accomplish both goals....

Human Error in Medicine

1st Edition

Marilyn Sue Bogner
July 01, 1994

This edited collection of articles addresses aspects of medical care in which human error is associated with unanticipated adverse outcomes. For the purposes of this book, human error encompasses mismanagement of medical care due to: * inadequacies or ambiguity in the design of a medical device or...

Contemporary Ergonomics

1st Edition

S. Robertson
April 15, 1994

This is a volume in the international "Contemporary Ergonomics" series, which forms a record of the proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Ergonomics Society, held at Warwick in 1994.; The refereed contributions cover the full spectrum of current experience and practice in ergonomics, and its...

Designing Usable Electronic Text: Ergonomic Aspects Of Human Information Usage

1st Edition

A Dillon
April 13, 1994

Electronic documents offer the possibility of presenting virtually unlimited amounts of information to readers in forms which can be rapidly searched and structured to suit their needs. However, poor design and a failure to consider the user often combine to compromise the realization of this...

Human Factors in Alarm Design

1st Edition

Neville A. Stanton
February 28, 1994

Focusing on the application of human factors and ergonomics in the design of alarm systems, this book brings together all the disparate areas in a single volume.;  The aim of the book is to present current human factor issues regarding alarm design in a variety of setting, such as industrial...

Interactive Speech Technology: Human Factors Issues In The Application Of Speech Input/Output To Computers: Human Factors Issues In The Application Of Speech Input/Output To Computers

1st Edition

Chris Baber, J Noyes
November 11, 1993

This book deals with two important technologies in human-computer interaction: computer generation of synthetic speech and computer recognition of human speech. It addresses the problems in generating speech with varying precision of articulation and how to convey moods and attitudes....

The Human Tutorial Dialogue Project: Issues in the Design of instructional Systems

1st Edition

Barbara A. Fox
September 01, 1993

This volume's goal is to begin to document the dialogue processes in naturally-occurring human tutoring, in the context of informing the design of intelligent tutoring systems, and of interactive systems in general. This project represents the first empirical study of human tutorial dialogue from a...

Visual Search 2: Proceedings Of The 2nd International Conference On Visual Search

1st Edition

A.G. Gale, K. Carr, D. Brogan
May 05, 1993

The concept of visual search embraces a wide range of processing activities, from human cognitive phenomana to applied problems for both human and machine vision in industrial, medical and military environments. This book, the second to be derived from the series of internationl conferences on...