Ergonomics & Human Factors

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Perspectives on the Human Controller: Essays in Honor of Henk G. Stassen

1st Edition

Thomas B. Sheridan, Ton van Lunteren
March 01, 1997

Written in honor of Henk Stassen, one of the most prolific contributors to this research and literature, the book provides an up-to-date summary on human control of mechanical things. This includes people controlling the mechanical movements of their own limbs, extensions of their limbs such as...

User-centered Requirements: The Scenario-based Engineering Process

1st Edition

Karen L. McGraw, Karan Harbison, Karen McGraw
February 01, 1997

Developing today's complex systems requires more than just good software engineering solutions. Many are faced with complex systems projects, incomplete or inaccurate requirements, canceled projects, or cost overruns, and have their systems' users in revolt and demanding more. Others want to build...

Ergonomics and Safety of Intelligent Driver Interfaces

1st Edition

Y. Ian Noy
January 01, 1997

Even to the casual observer of the automotive industry, it is clear that driving in the 21st century will be radically different from driving as we know it today. Significant advances in diverse technologies such as digital maps, communication links, processors, image processing, chipcards, traffic...

Professional Burnout: Recent Developments In Theory And Research

1st Edition

W ilmar B. Schaufeli
November 08, 1996

This book provides a complete presentation of the past, present, and future of professional burnout by bringing together a set of original papers from an international group of leading scholars on burnout....

Workplace Health: Employee Fitness And Exercise

1st Edition

John Kerr, Tom Cox, Amanda Jane Griffiths
October 01, 1996

Given the growing awareness of the negative effects of work-related stress, Many Businesses Are Focusing On Active Health Promotion To Enhance employee health, well-being and performance. This text aims to review the state of the art and offer ideas and suggestions for how stress-related employee...

Aviation Automation: The Search for A Human-centered Approach

1st Edition

Charles E. Billings
October 01, 1996

The advent of very compact, very powerful digital computers has made it possible to automate a great many processes that formerly required large, complex machinery. Digital computers have made possible revolutionary changes in industry, commerce, and transportation. This book, an expansion and...

Automation and Human Performance: Theory and Applications

1st Edition

Raja Parasuraman, Mustapha Mouloua
June 01, 1996

There is perhaps no facet of modern society where the influence of computer automation has not been felt. Flight management systems for pilots, diagnostic and surgical aids for physicians, navigational displays for drivers, and decision-aiding systems for air-traffic controllers, represent only a...

Computers As Assistants: A New Generation of Support Systems

1st Edition

Peter Hoschka
May 01, 1996

Computer systems based on the notion of the computer as assistant have recently become the focus of intense interest. The expanding role of the computer in everyday life and the growing number of untrained users make it necessary to think about new ways of dividing labor between humans and machines...

Human Factors in Nuclear Safety

1st Edition

Neville A. Stanton
April 12, 1996

There is a growing recognition amongst those involved with the creation and distribution of nuclear power of the value and positive impact of ergonomics, recognition heightened by the realization that safety incidents are rarely the result of purely technical failure.  This work provides...

Contemporary Ergonomics 1996

1st Edition

S. Robertson
April 09, 1996

Contemporary Ergonomics 1996 is the proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Ergonomics Society at the University of Leicester, including research from many of the leading specialists in fields including consumer ergonomics, marine ergonomics and organization ergonomics....

Electromyography In Ergonomics

1st Edition

Shrawan Kumar, A. Mital
March 20, 1996

Electromyography (EMG) is the study of muscle behaviour via electronic means, and is thus a technique fundamental to ergonomics, physiology and biomechanics. This text describes the principles of EMG and its application domains, focusing on anatomy, biology, muscle characteristics, physics,...

The Hazards of Life and All That: A look at some accidents and safety curiosities, past and present, Third Edition

1st Edition

J Bond
January 01, 1996

A light-hearted look at an extremely serious subject, The Hazards of Life and All That: A Look at Some Accidents and Safety Curiosities, Past and Present, Third Edition presents numerous examples of accidents throughout history and around the world, drawn from a wide range of contemporary sources....