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Evaluation of Human Work, Fourth Edition


John R. Wilson, Sarah Sharples
April 16, 2015

Written by experts with real-world experience in applying ergonomics methodology in a range of contexts, Evaluation of Human Work, Fourth Edition explores ergonomics and human factors from a "doing it" perspective. More than a cookbook of ergonomics methods, the book encourages students to think abo...

Safety Differently: Human Factors for a New Era, Second Edition


Sidney Dekker
June 23, 2014

The second edition of a bestseller, Safety Differently: Human Factors for a New Era is a complete update of Ten Questions About Human Error: A New View of Human Factors and System Safety. Today, the unrelenting pace of technology change and growth of complexity calls for a different kind of safety t...

Nonlinear Analysis for Human Movement Variability


Nicholas Stergiou
January 26, 2016

How Does the Body’s Motor Control System Deal with Repetition? While the presence of nonlinear dynamics can be explained and understood, it is difficult to be measured. A study of human movement variability with a focus on nonlinear dynamics, Nonlinear Analysis for Human Movement Variability, exam...

Decision Modes in Complex Task Environments

Norbert Steigenberger, Thomas Lubcke, Heather Fiala, Alina Riebschlager
May 30, 2017

Despite intense research on decision-making in action, we still know little about when decision-makers rely on deliberate vs. intuitive decision-making in decision situations under complexity and uncertainty. Building on default-interventionist dual-processing theory, this book studies...

Safer Surgery: Analysing Behaviour in the Operating Theatre

Lucy Mitchell, Rhona Flin
April 16, 2017

Operating theatres are very private workplaces. There have been few research investigations into how highly trained doctors and nurses work together to achieve safe and efficient anaesthesia and surgery. While there have been major advances in surgical and anaesthetic procedures, there are still...

Performance Under Stress

James L. Szalma, Peter A. Hancock
April 16, 2017

The world is a dangerous place and recent events have served to make it less safe. There are many arenas of conflict and even combat across the world. Such situations are the quintessential expression of stress; you stand in imminent danger and live with the knowledge that you may be attacked,...

Fundamental Issues in Defense Training and Simulation

George Galanis, Robert Sottilare, Christopher Best
April 16, 2017

Defense forces have always invested a great deal of their resources in training. In recent times, changes in the complexity and intensity of operations have reaffirmed the importance of ensuring that warfighters are adequately prepared for the environments in which they are required to work. The...

The Fast and The Furious: Drivers, Speed Cameras and Control in a Risk Society

Helen Wells
March 31, 2017

The Fast and The Furious: Drivers, Speed Cameras and Control in a Risk Society presents a sociological and criminological perspective critical to understanding the driver's role at the centre of road safety interventions. Such an approach is, it is argued, as crucial to an understanding of attempts...

The Handbook of Operator Fatigue

Gerald Matthews, P.A. Hancock, Paula A. Desmond
March 31, 2017

Fatigue is a recognized problem in many facets of the human enterprise. It is not confined to any one area of activity but enters all situations in which humans have to perform for extended intervals of time. Most problematic are the circumstances in which obligatory action is continuous and the...

Driver Distraction and Inattention: Advances in Research and Countermeasures, Volume 1

John D. Lee, Michael A. Regan
March 31, 2017

It is estimated that, in the United States, around 20 percent of all Police-reported road crashes involve driver distraction as a contributing factor. This figure increases if other forms of inattention are considered. Evidence (reviewed in this volume) suggests that the situation is similar in...

Command and Control: The Sociotechnical Perspective

Guy H Walker, Neville A. Stanton, Daniel P. Jenkins
March 31, 2017

Military command and control is not merely evolving, it is co-evolving. Technology is creating new opportunities for different types of command and control, and new types of command and control are creating new aspirations for technology. The question is how to manage this process, how to achieve...

Distributed Situation Awareness: Theory, Measurement and Application to Teamwork

Paul M. Salmon, Neville A. Stanton, Daniel P. Jenkins
March 31, 2017

Having an accurate understanding of what is going on is a key commodity for teams working within military systems. 'Situation awareness' (SA) is the term that is used within human factors circles to describe the level of awareness that operators have of the situation that they are engaged in; it...

Driver Behaviour and Accident Research Methodology: Unresolved Problems

Anders af Wåhlberg
March 31, 2017

This book discusses several methodological problems in traffic psychology which are not currently recognized as such. Summarizing and analyzing the available research, it is found that there are a number of commonly made assumptions about the validity of methods that have little backing, and that...

A Socio-cultural Perspective on Patient Safety

Justin Waring, Emma Rowley
March 31, 2017

This edited volume of original chapters brings together researchers from around the world who are exploring the facets of health care organization and delivery that are sometimes marginal to mainstream patient safety theories and methodologies but offer important insights into the socio-cultural...

Modelling Command and Control: Event Analysis of Systemic Teamwork

Neville A. Stanton, Chris Baber
March 31, 2017

Since its inception, just after the Second World War, Human Factors research has paid special attention to the issues surrounding human control of systems. Command and control environments continue to represent a challenging domain for human factors research. Modelling Command and Control takes a...