Environmental Science

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Environmental Management towards Sustainability

Prasad Modak
December 27, 2017

This book is about understanding challenges in managing our environment and ensuring sustainability of this planet. It presents the critical state of our resources and threats to resource security due to overconsumption, pollution and poor and uneven governance. Role of key stakeholders such as the...

Manufactured Gas Plant Remediation: A Case Study

Allen W. Hatheway, Thomas B. Speight
December 26, 2017

The assessment, remediation, and redevelopment of manufactured gas plant (MGP) sites pose a significant technical and financial challenge to successor property owners, including municipalities and other public entities undertaking brownfields revitalization, and to their consulting environmental...

Ecological Risk Assessment: Innovative Field and Laboratory Studies

Lawrence V. Tannenbaum
December 22, 2017

This book is a compendium of highly purposeful studies all waiting to be conducted. It explains how avoiding common study design flaws, opportunities are created to observe that true risk assessment questions may not exist, that chemically exposed receptors are probably unharmed, and that...

Reversibility of Chronic Disease and Hypersensitivity, Volume 5: Treatment Options of Chemical Sensitivity

William J. Rea, Kalpana D. Patel
December 18, 2017

The clinical approaches to the chronic degenerative diseases that drain our resources, and compromise our well-being, have become almost exclusively symptom-focused. The common wisdom is that they are idiopathic with final outcomes to be managed rather than prevented or cured. That they are...

Phenological Synchrony and Bird Migration: Changing Climate and Seasonal Resources in North America

Eric M. Wood, Jherime L. Kellermann
December 18, 2017

Bird migration is a well-researched phenological event. However, few studies in North America have investigated the effects of climate change and extreme weather on the relationships of migratory avian species and their seasonal resources. This is a critical gap in knowledge that limits our ability...

Alternatives in Regulated River Management

James A. Gore
December 18, 2017

Researchers and managers of regulated river systems will find this volume useful in acquiring information for deciding an integrated management plan for regulated river operations. Rather than the ecological theory of impacts of flow regulation, emphasis has been placed on methods to predict water...

Aquatic Toxicology: Molecular, Biochemical, and Cellular Perspectives

Donald C. Malins
December 18, 2017

Aquatic Toxicology examines research findings on the chronic effects of pollutants on aquatic species. Understanding these chronic effects is vital to determining the impact of small concentrations of pollutants on aquatic life in rivers, estuaries, lakes, and coastal waters. Featuring research...

Aquaculture: Biology and Ecology of Cultured Species

Gilbert Barnabe
December 18, 2017

This unique book introduces the biological and ecological basis of the production process in water, and the biology of cultured species. It bridges the gap between research data and aquaculture techniques, and covers problems arising in aquaculture production, such as filtering molluscs. It also...

Sediment Toxicity Assessment

G.Allen Burton
December 13, 2017

Sediment Toxicity Assessment provides the latest information regarding how to evaluate sediment contamination and its effects on aquatic ecosystems. It presents an integrated ecosystem approach by detailing effective assessment methods, considerations, and effects to each major component of marine...

Handbook of Environmental Radiation

Alfred W. Klement
December 13, 2017

The primary aim of the handbook series will be to include as much useful data as possible for the specialist needing ready access for the solution of problems most likely to arise in the radiation protection professions. However, some selected review of fundamental concepts is also included to...

Stratospheric Ozone and Man: Volume I

Frank A. Bower
December 13, 2017

The book, as originally conceived, was to be limited to technical considerations, but the scientific course of event has been so interwoven with non-scientific, but nevertheless related events, the authors felt necessary to include an account of this situation. Accordingly, the book is divided into...

Soils in Waste Treatment and Utilization: Volume I: Land Treatment

W.H. Fuller
December 13, 2017

In these books, we bring together and correlate recent information known to have a prominent influence on the rate of movement of pollutants from wastes and their leachates in the soil. The emphasis is on those characteristics most amenable to modification and their management, such that secure and...