Environmental Science

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Quaternary and Environmental Research on East African Mountains

1st Edition

W.H. Mahaney
January 01, 1989

Twenty-six papers form a summary of research on glacial history, paleoclimatology, biogeography, ecosystem disequilibrium. Focus is on detailed chrono-stratigraphic, glacial geologic, and vertebrate paleontologic problems. No index. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or....

Environmental Management Handbook: Toxic Chemical Materials and Wastes

1st Edition

December 22, 1988

Explores scientific and regulatory issues within the framework of a program for the management of toxic substances. Covers all major elements of toxic handling and treatment/disposal. Includes listings of government agency contacts, hotline, reporting, and regulated toxics. Intended for environmenta...

Fire: Fundamentals and Control

1st Edition

December 12, 1988

This book is devoted to the complex nature of fire, the intricasies of the combustion process, the influence of chemical and physical properties of fuels, and the proper means of fire extinguishment. It lists sequentially the various factors in the combustion process....

Petroleum Contaminated Soils, Volume I: Remediation Techniques, Environmental Fate, and Risk Assessment

1st Edition

Paul T. Kostecki
November 30, 1988

These three volumes provide valuable information to help bring rational and scientifically feasible solutions to petroleum contaminated soils. State-of-the-art information on both technical and regulatory issues is covered, including environmental fate, health effects, risk assessment and remedial...

Biohazards of Drinking Water Treatment

1st Edition

Richard A. Larson
November 01, 1988

For the last decade, concern over drinking water safety has rapidly increased. Revelations of chemical contamination of surface and ground waters, and the realization that drinking water treatment by traditional methods such as chlorination may introduce unforeseen new problems, has focused the...

Asbestos: Engineering, Management and Control

1st Edition

Kenneth F. Cherry
October 01, 1988

This single source asbestos reference/text book incorporates major legal issues and cost estimating methods. Every aspect of abatement work from initial survey through final cleanup is detailed. In addition, medical aspects, respirator use, training, sample contracts and other topics, coupled with...

Lowrys' Handbook of Right-to-Know and Emergency Planning, Sara Title III

1st Edition

George G. Lowry
October 01, 1988

The only comprehensive volume of its kind, Lowrys' Handbook is the TOTAL reference guide for everyone who deals with any aspect of Right-To-Know requirements-a self-contained guide to coping with Right-To-Know laws that relate to hazardous materials as they affect worker safety and community...

Effective Writing Strategies for Engineers and Scientists

1st Edition

Donald C. Woolston
June 30, 1988

This easy-to-read, concise book is filled with examples, hints, reminders and reviews designed to help engineers and scientists develop effective writing skills. Use the book to learn to write better reports, memos, and journal articles and keep it close at hand when you have questions about...

Microbial Metabolism and the Carbon Cycle

1st Edition

Kunz Hagedorn-Hanson
May 03, 1988


Water Law

2nd Edition

William Goldfarb
April 01, 1988

This revised second edition is essential to everyone involved with water and water resources-complying with the myriad federal, state, and local laws and regulations that govern the use and management of water in our attempts to maintain, clean, usable water. It includes the law of water diversion...

Handbook of Hazardous Waste Management for Small Quantity Generators

1st Edition

Russell W. Phifer
March 23, 1988

Special features of this book include: practical "how to" instructions, state/federal regulations-plus overview, lab waste management, interpretations of regulations, enforcement, generator checklist, and complete coverage. This handbook is an excellent resource for hazardous waste managers, safety...

Toxic Contamination in Large Lakes, Volume II

1st Edition

January 01, 1988

Every notable aspect of Toxic Contamination in Large Lakes is examined by known experts from every continent. Authors represent the U.S. and Canada, Argentina, Sweden, USSR, Israel, Great Britain, Japan, China, The Netherlands, Germany, Kenya, Austria. Authors represent the entire spectrum-academia...