Environmental Science

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Environmental Problems And Solutions: Greenhouse Effect, Acid Rain, Pollution

T. Veziroglu
November 01, 1989

The total estimated damage from greenhouse gas, acid rain, atmospheric pollution, and other man made changes to the environment is of staggering proportions. This clearly points out a need for presentation of the worldwide research results about the environmental effect of the above listed factors...

Drinking Water Health Advisory: Pesticides

October 01, 1989

Each Health Advisory gives the useful and relevant data on the health effects associated with each contaminant, and gives concentrations of the contaminant that would not cause adverse health effects during various periods of exposure. Complete sections also cover information on available...

Petroleum Contaminated Soils, Volume II: Remediation Techniques, Environmental Fate, and Risk Assessment

Paul T. Kostecki
September 30, 1989

These three volumes provide valuable information to help bring rational and scientifically feasible solutions to petroleum contaminated soils. State-of-the-art information on both technical and regulatory issues is covered, including environmental fate, health effects, risk assessment and remedial...

Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology of Aluminum

T. Lewis
September 01, 1989

This valuable new book examines the sources, fate, transport, and health effects of aluminum in aquatic and terrestrial environments. Concisely written by leading experts, Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology of Aluminum bridges numerous scientific disciplines that are conducting research on this...

Medical Response to Effects of Ionizing Radiation

W.A. Crosbie, J.H. Gittus
July 20, 1989

Proceedings of a Conference on Medical Response to Effects of Ionizing Radiation held at Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London, UK, 28-30 June 1989....

Three Dimensional Applications In GIS

Jonathan Raper
July 05, 1989

Provides a survey of the approaches used and the problems encountered in the model of real geophysical data....

Health Effects of Drinking Water Contaminants

Edward J. Calabrese
June 01, 1989

This new book evaluates the risks and benefits of the widely used types of drinking water treatment technologies, based on assessment and comparison of chemicals used in treatment, by-products of chemicals, and non-treatment. This valuable material was prepared by independent experts in drinking...

Chemical Hazards in the Workplace

Ronald M. Scott
May 01, 1989

This new book introduces you to Industrial Toxicology - and is especially valuable for the engineer, scientists, or manager with responsibility - but no previous education or experience in the subject. Very "User Friendly." Text at the upper undergraduate and graduate level....

Metabolism of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in the Aquatic Environment

Usha Varanasi
March 31, 1989

This book shows how the biological transport, bioaccumulation, disposition, and toxicity of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) in the aquatic environment are influenced by the ability or inability of organisms to metabolize these environmental pollutants. Written by leading scientists in the...

Environmental Goitrogenesis

Eduardo Gaitan
March 31, 1989

A balanced view of the causes and the prevention of the iodine defi-ciency disorders is presented in this comprehensive text. The mechanisms of goitrogenesis are explained, along with preven-tive and control measures. Descriptions of environmental com-pounds and other ecological as well as host...

Woody Brush Control

Edward O. Gangstad
February 28, 1989

This technical reference resource provides the background information that is required for the professional operation of herbicide applicators for general and restricted use. Basic information is provided for specialty areas, where there is a need-to-know requirement to fully understand technical...

Physical Processes in the Coastal Zone: Computer Modelling and Remote Sensing

Arthur P. Cracknell, E.S. Rowan
January 01, 1989

As people come to realize the importance of the environmental impact of human activities, the study of the coastal zone has become increasingly important. In addition, new environmental legislation at regional, national, and international levels will doubtless highlight the importance of a fuller...