Environmental Science

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OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan

1st Edition

Neal Langerman, Leslie Putnam
August 27, 1992

All hospitals, physician and dental offices, ambulance companies, emergency medical technicians, medical laboratories, fire departments, and manufacturing sites with their own first aid clinics are required to comply with OSHA 1910.1030. This book provides you with (1) an employee exposure...

Dictionary & Thesaurus of Environment, Health & Safety

1st Edition

Us Dept Energy
August 20, 1992

Dictionary & Thesaurus of Environment, Health & Safety is the first and only dictionary/thesaurus to focus on the usage and structure of environment, health, and safety terminology. Containing nearly 600 pages, this book features thousands of terms that may be hard to find in any other reference...

Engineering Aspects of Metal-Waste Management

1st Edition

I.K. Iskandar, H. Magdi Selim
July 27, 1992

Engineering Aspects of Metal-Waste Management presents a detailed discussion regarding the fate of metals in the environment and the methods by which metal waste is managed. Ten chapters by a multidisciplinary group of scientists and engineers address site assessment, methods of sample digestion,...

Rational Approaches to Structure, Activity, and Ecotoxicology of Agrochemicals

1st Edition

Wilfried Draber, Toshio Fujita
July 14, 1992

This book presents discussions of the most important aspects in the development of agrochemicals. The book covers such broad areas as structure activity and ecotoxicological analyses in comprehensive reviews for general methods and chronicles for individual examples. Topics in structure-activity...

TERRA- 1: Understanding The Terrestrial Environment: The Role of Earth Observations from Space

1st Edition

Paul Mather
July 08, 1992

This text aims to offer information on research approaches to assessing global environment changes. It includes suggestions for the exchange of ideas between those studying land surface and remote sensing specialists, and advocates synthesizing the findings of different disciplines....

Risk Assessment and Environmental Fate Methodologies

1st Edition

Edward J. Calabrese, Paul T. Kostecki
June 23, 1992

Soil contamination is recognized as a significant environmental and public health concern. This state-of-the-art report features critical evaluations of 16 environmental fate and risk assessment models/approaches for dealing with contaminated soils. The evaluations were conducted by the Council for...

Drinking Water Health Advisory: Munitions

1st Edition

Welford C. Roberts, William R. Hartley
June 16, 1992

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) Office of Water (OW) initiated the Health Advisory Program in 1978 to provide information and guidance to individuals or agencies concerned with potential risk from drinking water contaminants for which no national regulations currently...

Handbook of Mass Spectra of Environmental Contaminants

2nd Edition

Ronald A. Hites
June 10, 1992

Handbook of Mass Spectra of Environmental Contaminants, Second Edition is a collection of the electron impact mass spectra of 533 commonly encountered environmental pollutants. The compounds were selected from an analysis of several U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and World Health Organization...

ATSDR Public Health Assessment Guidance Manual

1st Edition

Edward J. Calabrese
June 09, 1992

ATSDR Public Health Assessment Guidance Manual describes the health assessment process as defined by ATSDR and clarifies the methodologies and guidelines that are used by ATSDR staff and agents in conducting health assessments. This guide covers the individual steps for performing a health...

Golf Course Management & Construction: Environmental Issues

1st Edition

James C. Balogh, William J. Walker
June 03, 1992

Golf Course Management & Construction presents a comprehensive summary and assessment of technical and scientific research on the environmental effects of turfgrass system construction and maintenance. Although the book focuses on golf courses, it also discusses turfgrass systems for residential...

Environmental Careers: A Practical Guide to Opportunities in the 90s

1st Edition

David J. Warner
April 22, 1992

Environmental Careers presents a broad-based, yet concise survey of employment opportunities in the environmental field. The book stresses the need for students to develop a strong technical background in the sciences to be effective in understanding and solving complex environmental problems. It...

Handbook of Environmental Contaminants: A Guide for Site Assessment

1st Edition

Chris Shineldecker
April 17, 1992

Handbook of Environmental Contaminants: A Guide for Site Assessment is an indispensable working reference for environmental assessment professionals faced with determining potential environmental contaminants that might be found in the soil, groundwater, or air of a property or facility. The book...