Environmental Science

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Basic Occupational MedicineA Guide to Developing Delivery Systems

Robert R. Silver
May 02, 1991

A book based on decades of occupational health experience in the industrial clinic settingThis book focuses on the development and administration of independent facilities or departments devoted to the injured worker. Until recently, this area was a largely ignored aspect of occupational health....

Environmental Management Systems

B. Marguglio
April 29, 1991


Human Health Risks from Chemical Exposure

R. Warren Flint, John Vena
April 22, 1991

More than 100 professionals have contributed to this important book summarizing much of what is known about the issue of chemicals in the Great Lakes environment and the risks these chemicals pose to human health. The book makes significant recommendations for action in policy, communication,...

Semiarid Lands and Deserts: Soil Resource and Reclamation

J. Skujins
April 16, 1991

A compendium of current information on arid soils. Provides a comprehensive background of the various soils and biota of arid regions, as well as a detailed account of the current understanding of degradation processes, and includes methodologies for arid land maintenance and rehabilitation and for...

Handbook of Environmental Degradation Rates

Philip H. Howard
March 28, 1991

In order to assess the environmental exposure from chemicals in various media, you must know the rate at which a chemical will degrade. Handbook of Environmental Degradation Rates saves you the time and money collecting and evaluating this important information. The Handbook provides rate constant...

Air Toxics and Risk Assessment

Edward J. Calabrese, Elaina Kenyon
March 25, 1991

Unlike most books, this one actually does risk assessments for you for over 110 chemicals that are confirmed or probable air toxics. All chemicals are analyzed with a scientifically sound methodology-outlined in the book-to assess public health risk associated with exposure to air toxics....

Fire Loss Control: A Management Guide, Second Edition,

P. M. Bochnak
March 01, 1991

Provides managers, architects, plant engineers, technicians, and others with a concise background in the principles of fire protection and property loss control (a new chapter on life safety elements was added to the second edition). Some of the topics are the characteristics and behavior of fire, t...

Septic Systems Handbook, Second Edition

O. Benjamin Kaplan
February 13, 1991

Septic Systems Handbook, Second Edition covers all aspects of such topics as septic tanks, perk tests, leachlines, and onsite disposal technologies. This handy reference is filled with numerous practical tips for troubleshooting and creative problem solving. The many appendices offer valuable...

Osha Laboratory Standard - Implementation Guide

Richard Ennis
January 11, 1991

This manual contains four major components:1) An easy-to-follow discussion of the Standard's requirements, along with a plan for implementing management responsibilities;2) A fill-in schedule for assigning key responsibilities and establishing deadlines;3) A copy of the OSHA Lab Standard for easy...

Palaeoecology of Africa, volume 22

K. Heine, A. Ballouche, J. Maley
January 01, 1991

This volume includes the comparative in palynology and pollen morphology of the African palms....

Remote Sensing Methods in Studying Tectonic Fractures in Oil- and Gas-Bearing Formations: Russian Translations Series 86

G.A. Abramenok, G.I. Amurskii, M.S. Bondareva, N.N. Solov'ev
January 01, 1991

Reviews methods of investigating lineaments (the surface expression of tectonic stresses of the earth's crust) for solving problems of petroleum geology by remote sensing imagery; examines the possibilities of detecting and tracing the lineaments corresponding to fracture zones of oil- and gas-beari...

Earth's Nature from Space - A study of the natural resources of the earth using satellite data: Russian Translations Series 89

N.P. Kozlov
January 01, 1991

Satellite designers deal with the special features of satellites for remote sensing, engineers explain spacecraft sensors, and mathematicians and specialist programmers discuss the problems of processing remote sensing dat Experts in agriculture, geology, forestry, oceanography and hydrology highli...