Environmental Science

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Risk Assessment and Environmental Fate Methodologies

1st Edition

Edward J. Calabrese, Paul T. Kostecki
June 23, 1992

Soil contamination is recognized as a significant environmental and public health concern. This state-of-the-art report features critical evaluations of 16 environmental fate and risk assessment models/approaches for dealing with contaminated soils. The evaluations were conducted by the Council for...

Drinking Water Health Advisory: Munitions

1st Edition

Welford C. Roberts, William R. Hartley
June 16, 1992

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) Office of Water (OW) initiated the Health Advisory Program in 1978 to provide information and guidance to individuals or agencies concerned with potential risk from drinking water contaminants for which no national regulations currently...

Handbook of Mass Spectra of Environmental Contaminants

2nd Edition

Ronald A. Hites
June 10, 1992

Handbook of Mass Spectra of Environmental Contaminants, Second Edition is a collection of the electron impact mass spectra of 533 commonly encountered environmental pollutants. The compounds were selected from an analysis of several U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and World Health Organization...

ATSDR Public Health Assessment Guidance Manual

1st Edition

Edward J. Calabrese
June 09, 1992

ATSDR Public Health Assessment Guidance Manual describes the health assessment process as defined by ATSDR and clarifies the methodologies and guidelines that are used by ATSDR staff and agents in conducting health assessments. This guide covers the individual steps for performing a health...

Golf Course Management & Construction: Environmental Issues

1st Edition

James C. Balogh, William J. Walker
June 03, 1992

Golf Course Management & Construction presents a comprehensive summary and assessment of technical and scientific research on the environmental effects of turfgrass system construction and maintenance. Although the book focuses on golf courses, it also discusses turfgrass systems for residential...

Environmental Careers: A Practical Guide to Opportunities in the 90s

1st Edition

David J. Warner
April 22, 1992

Environmental Careers presents a broad-based, yet concise survey of employment opportunities in the environmental field. The book stresses the need for students to develop a strong technical background in the sciences to be effective in understanding and solving complex environmental problems. It...

Handbook of Environmental Contaminants: A Guide for Site Assessment

1st Edition

Chris Shineldecker
April 17, 1992

Handbook of Environmental Contaminants: A Guide for Site Assessment is an indispensable working reference for environmental assessment professionals faced with determining potential environmental contaminants that might be found in the soil, groundwater, or air of a property or facility. The book...

Resources & Environment in Asia's Marine Sector

1st Edition

James B. Marsh
April 01, 1992

This volume brings together a cross-section of marine experts who provide a comprehensive exploration of the major facets of Asia's marine sector. It considers both the marine mineral and fish stocks in Asian waters. This extensive volume examines "official" statistics with an objective eye and...

Time In Geographic Information Systems

1st Edition

Gail Kucera
March 26, 1992

A study into the consideration of the temporal dimension of computerized spatial data handling using GIS. The book describes the use of historical and time-variable data as explicit components of the modelling process....

Water, Development and the Environment

1st Edition

William James
March 24, 1992

Water, Development and the Environment presents an impressive compilation of ideas addressing the most pressing problems facing the world today. Topics discussed include sustainable development, water scarcity, urban water pollution, water resources management, and management of landscape...

Toxic Metal Chemistry in Marine Environments

1st Edition

February 26, 1992

Presents an integrated chemical behavior of selected toxic metals: arsenic, cadmium, chromium, copper, mercury, and lead. All important processes that may affect their marine chemistry are discussed. Thermodynamic calculations are performed to propose the most probable route of chemical behavior. Th...

Managing Chemical RisksCorporate Response to Sara Title III: Revised Edition

2nd Edition

Michael S. Baram, Patricia Dillon
January 21, 1992

SARA Title III is a legislative attempt to lower the risk of chemical manufacturing and use to the public. These regulations have been in place now for over four years and this valuable new book represents a series of studies that explores the environmental management behavior of industrial...