Environmental Science

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Metal Ecotoxicology Concepts and Applications

Michael C. Newman, Alan W. McIntosh
October 29, 1991

This book provides an in-depth discussion of various aspects of metal ecotoxicology. State-of-the-art information and techniques in areas ranging from metal behavior in surface waters to bioaccumulation kinetics and toxicokinetics to community effects are presented in a hierarchical arrangement....

Environmental Risk and Insurance

Chester A. Zagaski
October 22, 1991

This is the only comprehensive text on the increasingly important subject of environmental risk and insurance. The author presents many risk and insurance issues from acid rain and global warming to toxic tort law developments and the crisis with workers' compensation insurance and pollution...

Water & the Environment

September 05, 1991

This compilation of papers provides useful insights on the differing approaches to water quality and the diversity of strategies in water quality management worldwide. Considering the current situation and looking to the future, the aim of this publication is to provide a sensible addition to the...

Aquatic Chemistry Concepts

James F. Pankow
July 24, 1991

Aquatic Chemistry Concepts fills the need for a true, easy-to-use aquatic chemistry book that goes into the details behind some of the complicated equations and principles of aquatic chemistry. It places established science into a text that allows you to learn and to solve important practical...

Risk Management: Expanding Horizons In Nuclear Power And Other Industries

Ronald Knief
July 01, 1991

Discusses the safety and risk management in the nuclear power, airline and chemical industries. Recognized experts presented papers at the Risk Management Symposium on such topics as risk management control systems, airline industry safety and power plant applications of PRA....

Fundamental Toxicology and Risk Assessment

Natl Env Hlth
June 27, 1991

Fundamental Toxicology and Risk Assessment is a computer-based training (CBT) program developed through the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA). It is geared toward individuals with little or no background in toxicology and risk assessment and has been used successfully as a course...

Powder Handling and Electrostatics: Understanding and Preventing Hazards

Thomas B. Jones, Jack L. King, Jack F. Yablonsky
June 24, 1991

The subject of this manual is safe practice for avoiding electrostatic discharge hazards in the manufacturing and processing of chemical and plastic powders. It is written with the practicing engineer and plant technician in mind. Practical information to enhance the process safety is provided in...

Chemical Ecotoxicology

Jaakko Paasivirta
June 18, 1991


Mineral Fibers and Health

F.D.K. Liddell, Klara Miller
June 04, 1991


Laboratory Accreditation and Data Certification: A System for Success

Carla H. Dempsey, Jimmie D. Petty
June 03, 1991

This book provides descriptions of current laboratory accreditation schemes and explains why these schemes fall short of assuring data purchasers that the data produced from accredited laboratories are always quality products. The book then presents a system for laboratory accreditation in...

Metal Poisoning in Fish

Elsa M. B. Sorensen
May 03, 1991

Metal Poisoning in Fish provides a comprehensive look at many aspects of metal poisoning of euryhaline and stenohaline fish. Metals and metalloids are considered individually and collectively and include arsenic, lead, selenium, copper, cadmium, mercury, and zinc. This informative, readable...