Environmental Science

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Map ProjectionsTheory and Applications

1st Edition

Frederick Pearson, II
March 28, 1990

About the Author: Frederick Pearson has extensive experience in teaching map projection at the Air Force Cartography School and Virginia Polytechnic Institute. He developed star charts, satellite trajectory programs, and a celestial navigation device for the Aeronautical Chart and Information...

Occupational Hygiene Management Guide

1st Edition

Shirley K. Jones
February 28, 1990

Applicable worldwide, this valuable guide will enable you to develop, implement, and maintain the effective occupational health programs for your company needs. Authored by four experts responsible for environment, health, and safety at different General Electric businesses, it can help you avoid...

Significance and Treatment of Volatile Organic Compounds in Water Supplies

1st Edition

Neil M. Ram
February 26, 1990

Significance and Treatment of Volatile Organic Compounds in Water Supplies reviews EPA-approved analytical methods for VOC analysis, QA/QC, data quality objectives and limits of detection. It covers current methods for the assessment of health effects, including toxicity and carcinogenicity. If you...

Endangered Animals of Thailand

1st Edition

January 01, 1990


Reclamation, Treatment and Utilization of Coal Mining Wastes: Proceedings of the third international symposium, Glasgow, 3-7 September 1990

1st Edition

A.K.M. Rainbow
January 01, 1990

The proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium on [title] held in Glasgow, UK, September 1990, address economic and environmental issues related to the utilization of minestone (unburnt coal mining wastes) as well as a variety of specific applications, most in civil engineering/construction proj...

Aflatoxins & Human Health

1st Edition

Ivana Dvorackova
December 21, 1989

This up-to-date reference includes the most recent available data and detailed case studies concerning the potential health risks of aflatoxin in the human population. It covers everything from acute toxic effects of aflatoxin in men to original observations concerning occupational health hazards...

The Accuracy Of Spatial Databases

1st Edition

Michael F. Goodchild, Sucharita Gopal
December 06, 1989

The book addresses the problem of accuracy of spatial databases, and comprises of papers drawn from a wide range of physical and human systems, taking approaches which vary from statistical to descriptive. Together they present both a comprehensive review of existing knowledge, techniques and...

Microwave Radiometry and Remote Sensing Applications

1st Edition

December 01, 1989

This book contains papers by well renowned scientists from all over world --- including Eastern Europe --- which were presented during a specialist meeting on microwave radiometry and its applications to remote sensing of the atmosphere and the surface of the earth held in Florence, Italy, in March...

Mine Environmental Engineering, Volume II

1st Edition

Mritunjoy Sengupta
November 30, 1989

This is one of the very few books which provides, at an advanced level, a general introduction to the state-of-the-art on mine environmental engineering. This work focuses on the elements of the process environment and their interactions with the regulatory and social environments. It...

Environmental Problems And Solutions: Greenhouse Effect, Acid Rain, Pollution

1st Edition

T. Veziroglu
November 01, 1989

The total estimated damage from greenhouse gas, acid rain, atmospheric pollution, and other man made changes to the environment is of staggering proportions. This clearly points out a need for presentation of the worldwide research results about the environmental effect of the above listed factors...

Drinking Water Health Advisory: Pesticides

1st Edition

October 01, 1989

Each Health Advisory gives the useful and relevant data on the health effects associated with each contaminant, and gives concentrations of the contaminant that would not cause adverse health effects during various periods of exposure. Complete sections also cover information on available...