Environmental Science

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Remote Sensing Methods in Studying Tectonic Fractures in Oil- and Gas-Bearing Formations: Russian Translations Series 86

1st Edition

G.A. Abramenok, G.I. Amurskii, M.S. Bondareva, N.N. Solov'ev
January 01, 1991

Reviews methods of investigating lineaments (the surface expression of tectonic stresses of the earth's crust) for solving problems of petroleum geology by remote sensing imagery; examines the possibilities of detecting and tracing the lineaments corresponding to fracture zones of oil- and gas-beari...

Earth's Nature from Space - A study of the natural resources of the earth using satellite data: Russian Translations Series 89

1st Edition

N.P. Kozlov
January 01, 1991

Satellite designers deal with the special features of satellites for remote sensing, engineers explain spacecraft sensors, and mathematicians and specialist programmers discuss the problems of processing remote sensing dat Experts in agriculture, geology, forestry, oceanography and hydrology highli...

Integrated Environmental Management

1st Edition

John Cairns, Jr., Todd V. Crawford
December 19, 1990

Integrated Environmental Management shows how to use integrated environmental management so that demands upon an ecosystem do not exceed its capacity to meet them, and the biological/ecological integrity is preserved.Varieties of disciplines, professions, institutions and federal and state...

Fundamentals of Hazardous Materials Incidents

1st Edition

Reginald Campbell, R. Everett Langford
December 11, 1990

This book evolved from the course developed at the U.S. Department of Labor's National Mine, Health, and Safety Academy to develop the legislation that eventually became 29 CFR 1910.120.Fundamentals of Hazardous Materials Incidents offers the reader a basic understanding of the principles involved...

Health Effects of Municipal Waste Incineration

1st Edition

Curtis C. Travis, Holly A. Hattemer-Frey
December 07, 1990

This much-needed book provides an enlightening perspective on the environmental and human health impacts of municipal solid waste (MSW) incineration. Over 100 tables and figures allows speedy access to important data you will refer to again and again. The comprehensive text assesses the human...

Liming Acidic Surface Waters

1st Edition

Harvey Olem
November 26, 1990

An encyclopedic work!This comprehensive volume is an impressive integration of European and North American research, providing the most complete information to date regarding the problems and solutions associated with aquatic liming. The book gives readers a thorough understanding of the...

Exposure Assessment for Epidemiology and Hazard Control

1st Edition

November 21, 1990

What agents should be measured?How should measurement be performed and what averaging time should be used for the measurement?What sampling strategy should be employed to characterize exposures across individuals, locations, and time?What durations of exposure should be characterized?What...

Exogenous Dermatoses: Environmental Dermatitis

1st Edition

Torkil Menne, Howard I. Maibach
November 21, 1990

Exogenous Dermatoses presents a collection of comprehensive essays written by experts scientifically active in exogenous dermatoses research. Main areas covered include basic biological mechanisms, diagnostic methods, experimental investigations, and clinical aspects. The book will be an important...

Chemical Contaminants in Human Milk

1st Edition

Allan Astrup Jensen, Stuart A. Slorach
November 20, 1990

Chemical Contaminants in Human Milk contains a comprehensive, up-to-date global review of the contamination of human milk with environmental and occupational chemicals. The book covers many different aspects of this problem, including the extent and benefits of breast-feeding, the transfer of...

Emissions From Combustion Processes - An ACS Environmental Chemistry Division Book

1st Edition

Ronald O. Kagel
October 24, 1990

Topics discussed in this book cover all aspects of combustion from the mechanics and formation of toxic pollutants and their transport/fate in the environment to emission abatement and risk assessment. Leading experts in the field have contributed information from studies ranging from fundamental...

Long Range Transport of Pesticides

1st Edition

David A. Kurtz
September 24, 1990

International experts present the latest vital information on long range transport of pesticides. This book includes sources of pesticides from lakes, oceans, and soil, circulation on global and regional basis, deposition, and fate of pesticides. An ACS Division of Agrochemicals book and...

Acanthaster Planci: Major Management Problem of Coral Reefs

1st Edition

Charles Birkeland, John Lucas
September 24, 1990

The purpose of this book is to provide an organized compilation of information and techniques for all aspects of the biology and management of the Acanthaster planci species. This extraordinary coral predator has greater effects on coral reef communities than any other animal species. It can cause...