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Sustainability Perspectives for Resources and Business

1st Edition

Orie L. Loucks, O. Homer Erekson, John F. Bol, Raymond F. Gorman, Pamela C Johnson, Timothy C. Krehbiel
November 17, 1998

Miami University in Oxford, Ohio offers a course entitled "Sustainability Perspectives," based on this text. The course was awarded "The Instructional Innovation Award" at the 1996 annual meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute, an association of Decision Science professionals headquartered at...

Sustainable Community Development: Studies in Economic, Environmental, and Cultural Revitalization

1st Edition

Marie Hoff
March 04, 1998

The 1990s have been marked by a wide-spread awareness of the convergence of environmental, economic and social problems and issues. Many local workers have begun to recognize that severe setbacks or even collapse of their local economy is strongly related to environmental problems: either to the...

Privatization of Information and Agricultural Industrialization

1st Edition

Steven A. Wolf
September 18, 1997

The respective roles of public and private sector institutions engaged in development and dissemination of agricultural information are currently undergoing dramatic change. Enhanced incentives, new technologies, and changes in industrial organization are spurring private investment. Simultaneously...

Development, Environment, and Global DysfunctionToward Sustainable Recovery

1st Edition

Yosef Gotlieb
December 01, 1995

This book challenges conventional concepts of development and Modernization and surveys their contribution to "global dysfunction"-entrenched poverty, environmental degradation and socio-political unrest. Gotlieb argues for a social ecology based on quality of life and community, environmental...

Economic Theory for Environmentalists

1st Edition

John Gowdy, Sabine U O'Hara
May 30, 1995

Economic Theory for Environmentalists is a much-needed and heralded new book that examines the implications of neoclassical economic theory and how it relates to the environment and environmental activity. It addresses the ongoing conflict between market forces and environmental integrity and...

The Economics of the Tropical Timber Trade

1st Edition

January 01, 1994

There is genuine cause for concern over the excessive exploitation of tropical forest in many regions, but also many misconceptions about the causes and sources of thisexploitation.The Economics of the Tropical Timber Trade provides a detailed analysis of the economic linkages between the trade and...

Economics of Aquaculture

1st Edition

Curtis M Jolly, Howard A Clonts
August 30, 1993

Economics of Aquaculture presents basic economic theory in a concise and logical format which is easily adaptable to practical application. Examples of economic solutions to common problems help you understand the need for economic application to aquaculture and the success that may come with sound...

Hazardous Waste Cost Control

1st Edition

Richard Selg
June 29, 1993

A text for a graduate or upper-level undergraduate course, and a reference for practicing cost, pollution, and environmental engineers. Explains methods for dealing with issues of hazardous waste such as cost growth, static and dynamic baseline development, contingency estimating, risk and uncertain...

Environmental Management in the Tropics: An Historical Perspective

1st Edition

Randall Baker
December 18, 1992

The arrival of western science and economic interests to the tropics has dramatically changed the tropical environment and its ecology. Environmental Management in the Tropics discusses the ecology of the tropics and examines how it is different from the temperate zone where western science evolved...

Resource Recovery Economics: Methods for Feasibility Analysis

1st Edition

November 22, 1982

This critical volume addresses an important contemporary issue, how to determine themost cost-effective approach to solid waste disposal. Based on wide-ranging, practicalexperience, this time-saving work details a systems approach to feasibility studies, providingthe basis for accurate, efficient...