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Rock Engineering Design: Properties and Applications of Sound Level

Harsha Vardhan, Rajesh Kumar Bayar
August 28, 2013

Being knowledgeable about rock properties is vital to being effective in the design of blasts in mines, quarries and other construction projects. Without proper knowledge, the energy released during blasting can be underutilized, harm the environment, and may escalate costs. Rock Engineering Design...

Mining of Mineral Deposits

Genadiy Pivnyak, Volodymyr Bondarenko, Iryna Kovalevs'ka, Mykhaylo Illiashov
August 22, 2013

In the last decades coal production capacity has increased rapidly and its quality, power and the reliability of equipment has steadily improved. Moreover, stability of production processes can be controlled better. In connection with that, unification of scientific schools...

Surface and Underground Excavations, 2nd Edition: Methods, Techniques and Equipment

Ratan Raj Tatiya
May 13, 2013

Surface and Underground Excavations – Methods, Techniques and Equipment (2nd edition) covers the latest technologies and developments in the excavation arena at any locale: surface or underground. In the first few chapters, unit operations are discussed and subsequently, excavation techniques are...

Blasting in Mining - New Trends

Ajoy K. Ghose, Akhilesh Joshi
November 05, 2012

Blasting practices in mines have undergone many changes in the recent past and continue to be honed and reconfigured to meet the demands of today’s mining needs. This volume compiles papers of the workshop Blasting in Mines – New Trends, hosted by the Fragblast 10 Symposium . The 17 papers provide...

Measurement and Analysis of Blast Fragmentation

Jose A. Sanchidrian Blanco, Ashok Kumar Singh
November 05, 2012

Fragmentation characteristics influence mucking productivity, crusher throughput and energy consumption, plant efficiency, yield and recovery, or the price itself of the end product in the case of industrial minerals and aggregates. Reliable, quantitative measurements of fragment sizes are...

Tunneling in Rock by Drilling and Blasting

Alex Spathis, R.N. Gupta
November 05, 2012

Tunnelling in Rock by Drilling and Blasting presents the latest developments in the excavation of tunnels using the drilling and blasting method. Examples of work conducted throughout the world including the Indian sub-continent, Australia, and Sweden amongst others are discussed. These tunnel...

Performance of Explosives and New Developments

Bibhu Mohanty, Vinay Kumar Singh
November 05, 2012

There is considerable scope for improving the outcome of any blasting operation through basic understanding and application of the principles of blasting science and technology. The main objective of Performance of Explosives and New Developments is to sensitize the practitioner to critically...

Rock Fragmentation by Blasting: Fragblast 10

Pradeep K. Singh, Amalendu Sinha
November 05, 2012

Rock Fragmentation by Blasting contains the papers presented at the 10th International Symposium on Rock Fragmentation by Blasting (New Delhi, India, 26-29 November 2012), and represents the most advanced forum on blasting science and technology. The contributions cover all major recent...

Geomechanical Processes during Underground Mining: School of Underground Mining 2012

Volodymyr Bondarenko, Iryna Kovalevs'ka, Mykhaylo Illiashov, Genadiy Pivnyak
September 03, 2012

This volume deals with economic aspects of mining companies’ development strategies,  various mineral deposits development techniques, imitational modeling of mine workings with rock massif, methane extraction technologies during coal mining, geomechanical processes during plow mining, mining...

Mineralogy for Petrologists: Optics, Chemistry and Occurrences of Rock-Forming Minerals

Michel Andre Demange
May 21, 2012

Comprising a guidebook and a full color CD-ROM, this reference set offers illustrated essentials to study mineralogy, applied to petrology. While there are some excellent reference works available on this subject, this work is unique for its data richness and its visual character. With a collection...

The World of Mining

Richard Woldendorp, Jim Wark, Karlheinz Spitz, John Trudinger
January 13, 2012

In this truly unique celebration of mining, breathtaking aerial photographs by award-winning photographers Jim Wark and Richard Woldendorp accompany ground-level pictures of mines, mine-side oddities, and mine communities. Informed but breezy narratives by mining experts John Trudinger and...

Minerals, Metals and Sustainability: Meeting Future Material Needs

William John Rankin
October 03, 2011

Minerals, Metals and Sustainability examines the exploitation of minerals and mineral products and the implications for sustainability of the consumption of finite mineral resources and the wastes associated with their production and use. It provides a multi-disciplinary approach that integrates...