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Utah Oil Shale: Science, Technology, and Policy Perspectives

1st Edition

Jennifer Spinti
August 02, 2016

Utah’s Uinta Basin contains one of the largest oil shale resources in the United States. This book examines many of the issues surrounding oil shale development in the Uinta Basin. Focusing on research conducted by investigators associated with The University of Utah’s Institute for Clean and...

Coal Processing and Utilization

1st Edition

D.V. Subba Rao, T. Gouricharan
May 17, 2016

This book is a direct outgrowth of classes that the authors gave over a period of three decades to a university audience taking a Mineral Beneficiation course as a major that included coal processing and utilization. It is designed to be used as a student’s (or layman’s) first introduction to coal...

Extractive Metallurgy of Rare Earths

2nd Edition

Nagaiyar Krishnamurthy, Chiranjib Kumar Gupta
December 16, 2015

New Edition Now Covers Recycling, Environmental Issues, and Analytical Determination Employing four decades of experience in the rare metal and rare earths industry, the authors of Extractive Metallurgy of Rare Earths, Second Edition present the entire subject of rare earth elements with depth and...

Coal Production and Processing Technology

1st Edition

M.R. Riazi, Rajender Gupta
November 23, 2015

Coal Production and Processing Technology provides uniquely comprehensive coverage of the latest coal technologies used in everything from mining to greenhouse gas mitigation. Featuring contributions from experts in industry and academia, this book: Discusses coal geology, characterization,...

Groundwater Geophysics in Hard Rock

1st Edition

Prabhat Chandra Chandra
October 19, 2015

In hard rock terrain, shallow water wells generally have a poor to moderate yield. Sinking wells deeply to tap yielding fracture zones often backfires, because the borehole may miss the saturated fracture zones at depths. A wrong approach to groundwater exploration in hard rock has therefore often...

New Developments in Mining Engineering 2015: Theoretical and Practical Solutions of Mineral Resources Mining

1st Edition

Genadiy Pivnyak, Volodymyr Bondarenko, Iryna Kovalevska
October 14, 2015

This annual series of books includes scientific papers on mining profiles. This volume presents multiple aspects of mining technology implementation in several aspects: extraction of coal, iron, manganese, uranium and other ores. Capturing and utilization of coalbed methane by various methods...

Practical Rock Mechanics

1st Edition

Steve Hencher
September 18, 2015

An Ideal Source for Geologists and Others with Little Background in Engineering or Mechanics Practical Rock Mechanics provides an introduction for graduate students as well as a reference guide for practicing engineering geologists and geotechnical engineers. The book considers fundamental...

Mining in Ecologically Sensitive Landscapes

1st Edition

Mark Tibbett
August 18, 2015

Mining in Ecologically Sensitive Landscapes explores the interface between geology and botany, and mining and conservation. Many areas of unusual geology that contain ore-bearing bodies also support unique ecological communities of plants and animals. Increasing demand to exploit rich mineral...

Mechanical Behaviour of Salt VIII

1st Edition

Lance Roberts, Kirby Mellegard, Frank Hansen
May 13, 2015

Technical contributions contained in this volume characterize continuity of science, engineering and modeling regarding the mechanical behavior of salt. These papers evidence relationships from microscopic dislocation structure to modeling applications over kilometer dimensions, a reach of more...

Vertical and Decline Shaft Sinking: Good Practices in Technique and Technology, International Mining Forum 2015

1st Edition

Jerzy Kicki, Eugeniusz J. Sobczyk, Pawel Kaminski
March 17, 2015

Shaft sinking for underground transportation purposes is a very complex technological process in mining and geotechnology which requires specific and specially designed technological equipment. This technological process is dealt with for a long time, since mining is one of the...

A Key for Identification of Rock-Forming Minerals in Thin Section

1st Edition

Andrew J. Barker
November 21, 2014

Structured in the form of a dichotomous key, comparable to those widely used in botany, the mineral key provides an efficient and systematic approach to identifying rock-forming minerals in thin-section. This unique approach covers 150+ of the most commonly encountered rock-forming minerals, plus a...

A Pictorial Guide to Metamorphic Rocks in the Field

1st Edition

Kurt Hollocher
November 21, 2014

This book is an illustrative introduction to metamorphic rocks as seen in the field, designed for advanced high school to graduate-level earth science and geology students to jump-start their observational skills. In addition to photographs of rocks in the field, there are numerous line diagrams...