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Quality-I Is Safety-ll: The Integration of Two Management Systems

Sasho Andonov
October 24, 2016

This book deals with the present and future situation with Quality and Safety management Systems (QMS and SMS). It presents new ideas, points to the basic misunderstandings in the two management systems, and covers a wide range of industries, as well as providing a practical assessment of...

Nuclear Engineering Handbook, Second Edition

Kenneth D. Kok
October 21, 2016

Building upon the success of the first edition, the Nuclear Engineering Handbook, Second Edition, provides a comprehensive, up-to-date overview of nuclear power engineering. Consisting of chapters written by leading experts, this volume spans a wide range of topics in the areas of nuclear power...

Biofuels: Production and Future Perspectives

Ram Sarup Singh, Ashok Pandey, Edgard Gnansounou
October 21, 2016

This will be a comprehensive multi-contributed reference work, with the Editors being highly regarded alternative fuels experts from India and Switzerland. There will be a strong orientation toward production of biofuels covering such topics as biodiesel from renewable sources, biofuels from...

Microcontroller Engineering with MSP432: Fundamentals and Applications

Ying Bai
October 20, 2016

This book aims to develop professional and practical microcontroller applications in the ARM-MDK environment with Texas Instruments MSP432P401R LaunchPad kits. It introduces ARM Cortex-M4 MCU by highlighting the most important elements, including: registers, pipelines, memory, and I/O ports. With...

Phase Estimation in Optical Interferometry

Pramod Rastogi, Erwin Hack
October 19, 2016

Phase Estimation in Optical Interferometry covers the essentials of phase-stepping algorithms used in interferometry and pseudointerferometric techniques. It presents the basic concepts and mathematics needed for understanding the phase estimation methods in use today. The first four chapters...

Renewable Resources and Renewable Energy: A Global Challenge, Second Edition

Paolo Fornasiero, Paolo Fornasiero, Mauro Graziani, Paolo Fornasiero, Mauro Graziani, Mauro Graziani
October 14, 2016

As energy demands continue to surge worldwide, the need for more efficient and environmentally neutral energy production also becomes increasingly apparent. Renewable Resources and Renewable Energy: A Global Challenge presents a well-rounded perspective on the development of bio-based feedstocks,...

Room Acoustics, Sixth Edition

Heinrich Kuttruff
October 13, 2016

Well established as a classic reference and specialised textbook, since its first publication in 1973, Heinrich Kuttruff’s Room Acoustics combines detailed coverage with a state of art presentation of the theory and practice of sound behaviour in closed spaces. This sixth edition presents several...

Distributed Cognition and Reality: How Pilots and Crews Make Decisions

Katherine L. Plant, Neville A. Stanton
October 12, 2016

Distributed Cognition and Reality puts theory into practice, as the first book to show how to apply the Perceptual Cycle Model in aviation decision making. Based on case studies, critical incident interviews and live observations in cockpits, the authors develop a new way to understand how pilots...

Doubly Fed Induction Generators: Control for Wind Energy

Edgar N. Sanchez, Riemann Ruiz-Cruz
October 10, 2016

Doubly Fed Induction Generators: Control for Wind Energy provides a detailed source of information on the modeling and design of controllers for the doubly fed induction generator (DFIG) used in wind energy applications. Focusing on the use of nonlinear control techniques, this book: Discusses...

Biomechanical Aspects of Soft Tissues

Benjamin Loret, Fernando Manuel Fernandes Simoes
October 10, 2016

Biomechanics applies the laws and techniques of mechanics in the study of biological systems and related phenomena. Biomechanics uses mathematical and computational tools such as model construction of musclo-skeletal system, body fluid circulation, to aid medical diagnosis, therapeutics and surgery...

District Cooling: Theory and Practice

Alaa A. Olama
October 07, 2016

DISTRICT COOLING: THEORY and PRACTICE provides a unique study of an energy cogeneration system, set up to bring chilled water to buildings (offices, apartment houses, and factories) needing cooling for air conditioning and refrigeration. In winter, the source for the cooling can often be sea water,...

Hydroelectric Energy: Renewable Energy and the Environment

Bikash Pandey, Ajoy Karki
October 06, 2016

Providing essential theory and useful practical techniques for implementing hydroelectric projects, this book outlines the resources, power generation technologies, applications, and strengths and weaknesses for hydroelectric technologies. Emphasizing the links between energy and the environment,...