Engineering - Mechanical

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Solving Mechanical Design Problems with Computer Graphics

1st Edition

Jerome Lange
March 31, 1986

This book acquaints the reader with interactive computer graphics and how they are being used in the analysis of mechanical design problems. It covers four mechanical design topics: the graphics model, mass properties, stress and strain, and kinematic and kinetic analysis....

Industrial Pneumatic Control

1st Edition

March 11, 1986

This book provides detail on pneumatic directional control valve and regulator and pneumatic circuitry. It emphasizes on component construction and function, as well as the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of malfunctioning components. It is useful to plant and design engineers....

Machinery Adhesives for Locking, Retaining, and Sealing

1st Edition

G. S. Haviland
January 24, 1986


Heat Transfer Fluids and Systems for Process and Energy Applications

1st Edition

January 25, 1985

This book presents the basic principles and engineering data governing the process design of indirect heat transfer fluids and systems. It focuses on the selection of systems based on common engineering criteria such as reliability and cost, and particularly on energy conservation and safety....

Switch Mode Power Conversion: Basic Theory and Design

1st Edition

K. Kit Sum
October 30, 1984


Numerical Heat Transfer

1st Edition

Tien Mo Shih
June 01, 1984


Practical Seal Design

1st Edition

April 05, 1984

This compact, on-the-job handbook provides all the practical and theoreticalinformation to design elastomeric O-ring seals for the full range of static,reciprocating, and rotary functions.Complete with fully illustrated, detailed examples to guide you step-bystepthrough virtually every seal design...

What Every Engineer Should Know about Robots

1st Edition

March 27, 1984

This book summarizes the technology and economics of robotics. It aims to provide sufficient data background so that the technologists can help in deciding about a corporate investment in robotics....

Lubrication in Practice

2nd Edition

W. L. Robertson
March 07, 1984

This book summarizes basic lubrication theory, its types and properties, and covers some specific applications of lubrication: diesel and petrol engines, hydraulics, compressors, machine tools and cutting oils. It then focuses on the storage and handling of lubricants, and on lubrication planning....

Indoor Air Quality

1st Edition

Phillip J. Walsh, Charles S. Dudney, Emily D. Copenhaver
December 22, 1983

Indoor Air Quality presents usable data and information on a range of subjects-from legislation to emission and ventilation rates-in tabular, graphical or schematic forms. Each chapter is thoroughly referenced so that readers can seek original documents as desired.This single volume collects the...

Hot Rolling of Steel

1st Edition

William L. Roberts
June 21, 1983

Number ten of the Manufacturing Engineering and Material Processing series. Includes one page corrigenda laid-in. 800 illustrations clarifying key points. Thorough account of the hot-rolling process and facilities as well as follow-up treatments given to hot-rolled products. Companion volume to "...