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Modern Problems in Computational Aerohydrodynamics

1st Edition

November 19, 1991

:This book emphasizes the numerical methods of solving boundary problems for nonlinear equations of aerohydrodynamics, especially partial differential and integro-differential equations. Topics discussed include an analysis of transonic gas flows and three-dimensional supersonic flows, the...

Parallel Processing in Computational Mechanics

1st Edition

Hojjat Adeli
September 27, 1991

Introduces mechanical engineers to high-performance computing using the new generation of computers with vector and parallel processing capabilities that allow the solution to problems beyond the ken of traditional computers. The chapters present an introduction and overview, explain several methodo...

Handbook of Electronic Package Design

1st Edition

Michael Pecht
August 16, 1991

Both a handbook for practitioners and a text for use in teaching electronic packaging concepts, guidelines, and techniques. The treatment begins with an overview of the electronics design process and proceeds to examine the levels of electronic packaging and the fundamental issues in the development...

Classical and Modern Mechanisms for Engineers and Inventors

1st Edition

August 02, 1991

Jensen (mechanical engineering, Mankato State U., Minn.) is a prolific designer/interpreter/reporter of mechanisms for the user of mechanical movements. This collection offers solutions or inspirations in some 20 areas including the slider crank, cycloid, screw and clamping mechanisms, antibacklash...

Thermo-Mechanical Aspects Of Manufacturing And Materials Processing

1st Edition

Ramesh K. Shah
August 01, 1991

Covering thermomechanical aspects of manufacturing and materials processing, this volume provides basic fundamentals for understanding and analyzing various manufacturing processes and materials processing. It covers metal casting, metal forming, metal cutting, and the experimental tools available...

Quantification in Science: The VNR Dictionary of Engineering Units and Measures

1st Edition

M. Melarango
July 01, 1991

This volume promotes order within the confusion of the many systems of units in existence. After establishing a clearer picture of science today, it examines the articulated language science by defining the units and their systems, and by offering a quick method to convert from one unit to another....

Dictionary of Energy

1st Edition

June 24, 1991


Hydrogen Aircraft Technology

1st Edition

G. Daniel Brewer
June 04, 1991

Liquid hydrogen is shown to be the ideal fuel for civil transport aircraft, as well as for many types of military aircraft. Hydrogen Aircraft Technology discusses the potential of hydrogen for subsonic, supersonic, and hypersonic applications. Designs with sample configurations of aircraft for...

Computation of Conduction and Duct Flow Heat Transfer

1st Edition

Suhas V. Patankar
June 01, 1991

This book describes the computer program CONDUCT in terms of its physical, mathematical, and computational details and its application to heat conduction and duct flow problems. It aims to develop students' problem-solving skills as well as enhance their understanding of these physical processes....

Combustion Measurements

1st Edition

Norman Chigier
April 01, 1991

The book begins with an introduction to the general problems of making measurements in high temperature and a presentation of chemically reacting flow systems. It describes each instrument with the various diagnostic techniques and discusses measurements that have been made in furnaces, flames, and...

Computational Mechanics Volume 1

1st Edition

Y.K. Cheung, J.H.W. Lee, A.Y.T. Leung
January 01, 1991