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Design And Technology Of Heat Pipes For Cooling And Heat Exchange

1st Edition

Cal Silverstein
August 01, 1992

This book describes the characteristics of heat pipes under steady-state and transient operating conditions. It emphasizes the physical aspects of heat pipe behavior and develops design formulas on the basis of mathematical models and empirical observation. The author take a tutorial approach,...

Post-Dryout Heat Transfer

1st Edition

G. F. Hewitt, J. M. Delhaye, N. Zuber
June 04, 1992

The study of post-dryout heat transfer has generated great interest because of its importance in determining maximum clad temperature in nuclear reactor loss-of-coolant accidents (LOCAs). An associated phenomenon, the deterioration of heat transfer in boiling, is significant to other industrial...

Discrete Mathematics: for New Technology

1st Edition

Rowan Garnier
May 01, 1992

In a comprehensive yet easy-to-follow manner, Discrete Mathematics for New Technology follows the progression from the basic mathematical concepts covered by the GCSE in the UK and by high-school algebra in the USA to the more sophisticated mathematical concepts examined in the latter stages of the...

Petroleum Processing Handbook

1st Edition

John J. McKetta Jr
April 30, 1992

A reference that details the pertinent chemical reactions and emphasizes the plant design and operations of petroleum processing procedures. The handbook is divided into four sections: products, refining, manufacturing processes, and treating processes. Wherever possible, shortcut methods of calcula...

Heat Exchangers

1st Edition

Holger Martin
April 01, 1992

This book discusses the application of heat transfer to the calculation of temperature profiles, especially the outlet temperatures of media and the transfer performance of heat exchangers. It is useful for engineering and science students and for those working in the field of heat transfer....

Piping Design Handbook

1st Edition

John J. McKetta Jr
January 29, 1992

This encyclopedic volume covers almost every phase of piping design - presenting procedures in a straightforward way.;Written by 82 world experts in the field, the Piping Design Handbook: details the basic principles of piping design; explores pipeline shortcut methods in an in-depth manner; and...

Biosensors: Microelectrochemical Devices

1st Edition

M Lambrechts, W Sansen
January 01, 1992

Biosensors are analytical devices that combine a biologically sensitive element with a physical or chemical transducer to selectively and quantitatively detect the presence of specific compounds. Balancing basics, principles, and case studies, Biosensors: Microelectrochemical Devices covers the...

Frontiers of Tribology

1st Edition

January 01, 1992


Unsteady Flow and Fluid Transients

1st Edition

Roger Bettess, Jacqueline Watts
January 01, 1992

A collection of papers on the prediction of unsteady flow and fluid transients in a wide variety of systems. Coverage ranges from theory to practical application of techniques, and the work describes failures as well as successes....

Identification of Nonlinear Mechanical Systems from Dynamic Tests: EUROMECH 280 - Proceedings of an international symposium, Ecully, 29-31 October 1992

1st Edition

L. Jezequel, C.-H. Lamarque
January 01, 1992

Deals with the problem of modelling mechanical systems. It discusses parametric and non-parametric identification, and explores non-linear modes. Also covered are shock analysis, the stability of non-linear mechanical systems and chaotic behaviour....

The Dynamics of Vehicles on Roads and Tracks

1st Edition

G. Sauvage
January 01, 1992

Proceedings of the 12th International Association for Vehicle System Dynamics (IAVSD) Symposium held in Lyon, France, Aug. 1991 (and a supplement to Vehicle system dynamics; v.20 . The main theme is the application of math modeling to the problems of road and rail vehicle dynamics. Many papers deal...