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Gear Drive Systems: Design and Application

1st Edition

Peter Lynwander
June 08, 1983

This book presents practical gearbox design and application information to individuals responsible for the specification and operation of mechanical systems incorporating gear drives. It focuses on parallel shaft and planetary units using spur and helical gearing....

Flat and Corrugated Diaphragm Design Handbook

1st Edition

Di Giovanni
January 29, 1982

Flat and Corrugated Diaphragm Design Handbook provides simple, useful methods for diaphragmdesign, performance evaluation, and material selection. The text is a practical andcomplete guide to solving on-the-job problems faced by instrument designers; structural engineersdesigning plates, panels,...

The Dynamics of Vehicles on Roads

1st Edition

A.H. Wickens
January 01, 1982

This book is an outcome of the seventh IAVSD Symposium on the Dynamics of Vehicles on Roads and Tracks was held at Cambridge, England. The theme of the Symposium was the mathematical modelling of vehicle dynamics with an emphasis on problems in the interaction between vehicle and road or track....

Computer-Aided Kinetics for Machine Design

1st Edition

Daniel L. Ryan
June 01, 1981

This book presents a study of computer-aided machine design and explains the fundamental concepts of kinematics and machine element design in lay terms. It is useful for those concerned with developing new programs in computer-aided design, in both industry and education....

Applied Engineering Mechanics: Statics and Dynamics

1st Edition

August 01, 1980

This is the more practical approach to engineering mechanics that deals mainly withtwo-dimensional problems, since these comprise the great majority of engineering situationsand are the necessary foundation for good design practice. The format developedfor this textbook, moreover, has been devised...

Numerical Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow

1st Edition

Suhas Patankar
January 01, 1980

This book focuses on heat and mass transfer, fluid flow, chemical reaction, and other related processes that occur in engineering equipment, the natural environment, and living organisms. Using simple algebra and elementary calculus, the author develops numerical methods for predicting these...

Radiation Heat Transfer, Augmented Edition

1st Edition

E. M. Sparrow
June 01, 1978

Revised to include more information on analytical models for wavelength independence, Radiation Heat Transfer, Augmented Edition has been rearranged, providing problems within each chapter rather than at the end of the book. Written by Ephraim M. Sparrow, a generalist who works on a very broad...

The Dynamics Of Vehicles On Roads

1st Edition

January 01, 1976


Vibrations and Waves

1st Edition

A.P. French
September 30, 1971

The M.I.T. Introductory Physics Series is the result of a program of careful study, planning, and development that began in 1960. The Education Research Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (formerly the Science Teaching Center) was established to study the process of instruction,...

Fluid Mechanics for Civil Engineers: SI edition

1st Edition

N.B. Webber
August 01, 1971

This well-established text book fills the gap between the general texts on fluid mechanics and the highly specialised volumes on hydraulic engineering.It covers all aspects of hydraulic science normally dealt with in a civil engineering degree course and will be as useful to the engineer in...