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Noise Control for Hydraulic Machinery

1st Edition

Stan Skaistis
May 27, 1988

This book focuses on hydraulic components and machines, and illustrates how a machine's noise-radiating surfaces affect noise. It reviews the basics and terminology of sound, vibration, vibration isolation, fluid pulsations, Fourier analysis, cavitation, hydraulic shock, and enclosure design....

Predicting Intercity Freight Flows

1st Edition

December 01, 1987


Optimization of Unit Operations

1st Edition

Bela G. Liptak
July 15, 1987

This comprehensive book examines the technology and practical applications of plant multivariable envelope control. Optimize plant productivity, including air handlers, boilers, chemical reactors, chillers, clean-rooms, compressors and fans, cooling towers, heat exchangers, and pumping stations....

Fundamentals of Robotics

1st Edition

David Ardayfio
May 29, 1987

Fundamentals of Robotics presents the basic concepts of robots to engineering and technology students and to practicing engineers who want to grasp the fundamentals in the growing field of robotics....

Transducers in Mechanical and Electronic Design

1st Edition

August 26, 1986

This book presents to the design engineer the transducers and measurement techniques available, and evaluates their features and drawbacks. It is written for the instrument and systems designer, not the theoretician....

Metallurgical Applications of Shock-Wave and High-Strain Rate Phenomena

1st Edition

June 06, 1986

This book examines the explosive and related technologies in the context of metallurgical and materials processing and fabrication. It is a record of the international exchange of information on the metallurgical and other material effects of shock-wave and high-strain-rate phenomena....

Solving Mechanical Design Problems with Computer Graphics

1st Edition

Jerome Lange
March 31, 1986

This book acquaints the reader with interactive computer graphics and how they are being used in the analysis of mechanical design problems. It covers four mechanical design topics: the graphics model, mass properties, stress and strain, and kinematic and kinetic analysis....

Industrial Pneumatic Control

1st Edition

March 11, 1986

This book provides detail on pneumatic directional control valve and regulator and pneumatic circuitry. It emphasizes on component construction and function, as well as the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of malfunctioning components. It is useful to plant and design engineers....

Machinery Adhesives for Locking, Retaining, and Sealing

1st Edition

G. S. Haviland
January 24, 1986

This book guides designers, process engineers, or mechanics to select and use anaerobic machinery adhesives for sealing flanged joints, designing threaded connections for security and sealing, and designing adhesive assists for more durable shrink, press, and slip fitted assemblies....

Heat Transfer Fluids and Systems for Process and Energy Applications

1st Edition

January 25, 1985

This book presents the basic principles and engineering data governing the process design of indirect heat transfer fluids and systems. It focuses on the selection of systems based on common engineering criteria such as reliability and cost, and particularly on energy conservation and safety....