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Large Plastic Deformations: Fundamental Aspects and Applications to Metal Forming: Proceedings of the international seminar MECAMAT'91, Fontainebleau, France, 7-9 August 1991

1st Edition

C. Teodosiu, J.L. Raphanel, F. Sidoroff
January 01, 1993

This volume covers topics involving large plastic deformation of metallic materials. These proceedings offer an overview of the synergism achieved by combining microstructural characterization and understanding, mechanical modelling and experiments, numerical analysis and computation....

Computational Mechanics from Concepts - Volume 1

1st Edition

January 01, 1993


Numerical Models in Fracture Mechanics of Concrete: Proceedings of the 1st Bolomey workshop, Zurich, 16-17 July 1992

1st Edition

Folker H. Wittmann
January 01, 1993

Comprising the proceedings of a workshop on numerical models in fracture mechanics of concrete, this work covers the frictious crack model, the smeared crack model, continuous fracture models, and probabilistic aspects....

Method of Discrete Vortices

1st Edition

S. M. Belotserkovsky, I.K. Lifanov
December 31, 1992

Method of Discrete Vortices presents a mathematical substantiation and in-depth description of numerical methods for solving singular integral equations with one-dimensional and multiple Cauchy integrals. The book also presents the fundamentals of the theory of singular equations and numerical...

Mathematical Models of Thermal Conditions in Buildings

1st Edition

Yuri A. Tabunschikov
December 15, 1992

Mathematical Models of Thermal Conditions in Buildings provides a comprehensive discussion of the theory and practice of a mathematical simulation method for studying the thermal behavior of rooms and buildings. The book features fundamental concepts of the theory of thermal behavior, mathematical...

Unified Theory of Reinforced Concrete

1st Edition

Thomas T.C. Hsu
December 10, 1992

Reinforced concrete structures are subjected to a complex variety of stresses and strains. The four basic actions are bending, axial load, shear, and torsion. Presently, there is no single comprehensive theory for reinforced concrete structural behavior that addresses all of these basic actions and...

Two-Dimensional Separated Flows

1st Edition

S. M. Belotserkovsky, V. N. Kotovskii, M. I. Nisht, R. M. Fedorov
November 30, 1992

Two-Dimensional Separated Flows provides a systematic presentation of the theory of separated flow around bodies. The main classes of aerodynamic problems of plane-parallel flow around bodies are described, and the steady aerodynamic, unsteady aerodynamic, and statistical characteristics of a...

What Every Engineer Should Know about Reliability and Risk Analysis

1st Edition

Mohammad Modarres
November 23, 1992

"Examining reliability, availability, and risk analysis and reviewing in probability and statistics essential to understanding reliability methods, this outstanding volume describes day-to-day techniques used by practicing engineers -- discussing important reliability aspects of both components and...

Super- and Hypersonic Aerodynamics and Heat Transfer

1st Edition

G. K. Mikhailov, V. Z. Parton
November 10, 1992

Recent government and commercial efforts to develop orbital and suborbital passenger and transport aircraft have resulted in a burgeoning of new research. The articles in this book, translated from Russian, were contributed by the world's leading authorities on supersonic and hypersonic flows and...

Radiative Heat Transfer in Two-Phase Media

1st Edition

K. S. Adzerikho, E. F. Nogotov, V. P. Trofimov
November 10, 1992

Radiative Heat Transfer in Two-Phase Media is devoted to discussing and further developing the radiative heat transfer theory. It provides thorough coverage of studies of physical processes in emitting two-phase media as applied to combustion chambers of heat power plants. Numerical methods are...

Thermodynamic Properties Of Isomerization Reactions

1st Edition

M. L. Frenkel
October 01, 1992

This handbook presents the thermodynamic functions obtained primarily from the results of equilibrium studies of isomerization reactions and by measurements of the heats of combustion of isomer groups by the calorimetric method....

Engine Oils and Automotive Lubrication

1st Edition

Wilfried J. Bartz
September 15, 1992

Discusses all the major aspects of automotive and engine lubrication - presenting state-of-the-art advances in the field from both research and industrial perspectives. This book should be of interest to mechanical, lubrication and automotive engineers, automotive and machinery designers as well as...