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Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering

1st Edition

Frank Kreith, Shan K. Wang, Paul Norton
December 06, 1999

An air conditioning system consists of components and equipment arranged in sequential order to control and maintain an indoor environment. The goal is to provide a healthy and comfortable climate with acceptable air quality while being energy efficient and cost effective. Air Conditioning and...

Handbook of Applied Thermal Design

1st Edition

Eric C. Guyer
February 01, 1999

Gives a foundation to the four principle facets of thermal design: heat transfer analysis, materials performance, heating and cooling technology, and instrumentation and control. The focus is on providing practical thermal design and development guidance across the spectrum of problem analysis,...

Hemeon's Plant & Process Ventilation

3rd Edition

D. Jeff Burton
July 29, 1998

Industrial hygienists and ventilation engineers know the name well: W.C.L. Hemeon. Since 1955, those professionals have frequently looked to Hemeon's Plant & Process Ventilation for essential information on industrial ventilation. Hemeon's longtime influence and inspiration has now prompted D. Jeff...

Air Contaminants and Industrial Hygiene Ventilation: A Handbook of Practical Calculations, Problems, and Solutions

1st Edition

Roger L. Wabeke
May 20, 1998

The industrial hygienist is actively involved with the engineering community, particularly where the subject of industrial ventilation is concerned. While engineers concentrate on methods and techniques necessary to ensure maximum efficiency of a given system, the industrial hygienist concentrates...

Integrating Electrical Heating Elements in Product Design

1st Edition

Thor Hegbom
April 15, 1997

Offers details on the utilization of electrical heating elements in consumer appliance design and industrial processes. The text includes basic theory, metallurgy and production advice for developing more reliable and cost-effective heaters. It provides tables comparing resistivity and surface...

Indoor Air Quality and HVAC Systems

1st Edition

David W. Bearg
February 22, 1993

Indoor Air Quality and HVAC Systems is a practical guide for understanding the relationship between the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of HVAC systems and achieving indoor air quality (IAQ). The book describes the individual components of HVAC systems and the role each plays in...

Design And Technology Of Heat Pipes For Cooling And Heat Exchange

1st Edition

Cal Silverstein
August 01, 1992

This book describes the characteristics of heat pipes under steady-state and transient operating conditions. It emphasizes the physical aspects of heat pipe behavior and develops design formulas on the basis of mathematical models and empirical observation. The author take a tutorial approach,...

Heat Exchangers

1st Edition

Holger Martin
April 01, 1992

This book discusses the application of heat transfer to the calculation of temperature profiles, especially the outlet temperatures of media and the transfer performance of heat exchangers. It is useful for engineering and science students and for those working in the field of heat transfer....

Computation of Conduction and Duct Flow Heat Transfer

1st Edition

Suhas V. Patankar
June 01, 1991

This book describes the computer program CONDUCT in terms of its physical, mathematical, and computational details and its application to heat conduction and duct flow problems. It aims to develop students' problem-solving skills as well as enhance their understanding of these physical processes....

Indoor Air Quality

1st Edition

Phillip J. Walsh, Charles S. Dudney, Emily D. Copenhaver
December 22, 1983

Indoor Air Quality presents usable data and information on a range of subjects-from legislation to emission and ventilation rates-in tabular, graphical or schematic forms. Each chapter is thoroughly referenced so that readers can seek original documents as desired.This single volume collects the...

Radiation Heat Transfer, Augmented Edition

1st Edition

E. M. Sparrow
June 01, 1978

Revised to include more information on analytical models for wavelength independence, Radiation Heat Transfer, Augmented Edition has been rearranged, providing problems within each chapter rather than at the end of the book. Written by Ephraim M. Sparrow, a generalist who works on a very broad...