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Introduction to Fluid Mechanics

5th Edition

William S. Janna
October 02, 2015

Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, Fifth Edition uses equations to model phenomena that we see and interact with every day. Placing emphasis on solved practical problems, this book introduces circumstances that are likely to occur in practice—reflecting real-life situations that involve fluids in...

Energy Modeling and Computations in the Building Envelope

1st Edition

Alexander V. Dimitrov
August 27, 2015

Energy Modeling and Computations in the Building Envelope instills a deeper understanding of the energy interactions between buildings and the environment, based on the analysis of transfer processes operating in the building envelope components at the microscopic level. The author: Proposes a...

Heat Pump Dryers: Theory, Design and Industrial Applications

1st Edition

Odilio Alves-Filho
August 05, 2015

Explore the Social, Technological, and Economic Impact of Heat Pump Drying Heat pump drying is a green technology that aligns with current energy, quality, and environmental concerns, and when compared to conventional drying, delivers similar quality at a lower cost. Heat Pump Dryers: Theory,...

Thermodynamics and Heat Power

8th Edition

Irving Granet, Maurice Bluestein
November 10, 2014

Building on the last edition, (dedicated to exploring alternatives to coal- and oil-based energy conversion methods and published more than ten years ago), Thermodynamics and Heat Power, Eighth Edition updates the status of existing direct energy conversion methods as described in the previous work...

Energy Conservation Guidebook, Third Edition

3rd Edition

Dale R. Patrick, Stephen W. Fardo, Ray E. Richardson, Brian W. Fardo
July 15, 2014

Revised and edited, this new third edition reference covers the full scope of energy management techniques and applications for new and existing buildings, with emphasis on the "systems" approach to developing an effective overall energy management strategy. Foremost in the enhancements to the new...

Testing and Balancing HVAC Air and Water Systems, Fifth Edition

5th Edition

Samuel C. Sugarman
May 23, 2014

Thoroughly revised, this book provides the reader with an understanding of the principles and practices of testing and balancing (TAB) heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) air and water systems. For the novice and the experienced testing and balancing technician, it is a field...

Residential Energy Auditing and Improvement

1st Edition

Stan Harbuck, Donna Harbuck
May 12, 2014

This book is for energy auditors or retrofitters, whether they work in the weatherization program or in the private arena, and is intended to help them prepare for several certifications. These include programs with BPI, RESNET-HERS, DOE/NREL, and AEE (Association of Energy Engineers). The material...

High-Performance Buildings: A Guide for Owners & Managers

1st Edition

Anthony Robinson, MS
November 15, 2013

This book provides a blueprint for action for readers making decisions about how to improve the energy efficiency and performance of new or existing buildings. Suitable for both seasoned veterans and new managers, it takes an objective and orderly approach to what is often a complex, costly, and...

Pump Characteristics and Applications

3rd Edition

Michael Volk
October 21, 2013

Providing a wealth of information on pumps and pump systems, Pump Characteristics and Applications, Third Edition details how pump equipment is selected, sized, operated, maintained, and repaired. The book identifies the key components of pumps and pump accessories, introduces the basics of pump...

Simple Solutions to Energy Calculations, Fifth Edition

5th Edition

Richard R. Vaillencourt
August 22, 2013

Completely revised and updated, this fifth edition of a bestseller helps building managers identify what to look for and how to evaluate before making a decision about which guarantee is better for their building and which ESCO can best deliver energy savings. This reference will save countless...

Energy Management Reference Library CD, Fourth Edition

4th Edition

Steve Doty, Wayne C. Turner, Barney L. Capehart, William J. Kennedy, Klaus-Dieter E. Pawlik, Albert Thumann, D. Paul Mehta
April 15, 2013

The Energy Management Reference Library CD-ROM includes 2100 pages of text, graphics, and charts and contains the following complete books: Energy Management Handbook, 8th Edition, Guide to Energy Management, 7th Edition, Solutions Manual for Guide to Energy Management, 7th Edition, and Handbook of...

Building Services Design for Energy Efficient Buildings

1st Edition

Paul Tymkow, Savvas Tassou, Maria Kolokotroni, Hussam Jouhara
April 02, 2013

The role and influence of building services engineers is undergoing rapid change and is pivotal to achieving low-carbon buildings. However, textbooks in the field have largely focused on the detailed technicalities of HVAC systems, often with little wider context. This book addresses that need by...