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Flame and Combustion

3rd Edition

J.F. Griffiths, J.A. Barnard
December 30, 1995

An introduction for postgraduate and undergraduate students to the chemical and physical principles of flame and combustion phenomena. This book should be of interest to undergraduate/postgraduate chemists; chemical engineers; undergraduate/postgraduate mechanical engineers and environmental...

Free Boundary Problems: Theory and Applications

1st Edition

J I Diaz, Juan Luis Vazquez, M A Herrero, Amable Linan
April 04, 1995

This research note consists of selected contributions from the 1993 International Conference on "Free Boundary Problems: Theory and Applications." These represent coherent and high-level research in the field of free boundary problems. Topics include mean curvature flows, phase transitions and...

An Introduction to Combustion

1st Edition

December 13, 1993

This book introduces combustion related topics, including chemical thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, deflagrations, detonations in premixed media, diffusion flames, ignition, and flame stabilization, to undergraduate students in mechanical, aerospace, chemical, and civil engineering....

Environmental Implications of Combustion Processes

1st Edition

Ishwar K. Puri
September 22, 1993

Although there is a large body of research literature pertaining to the environmental implications of combustion processes, this book is the first to present a concise treatment of fundamental issues that can be quickly and easily used by entry-level researchers. The book is arranged so that it...

Combustion Measurements

1st Edition

Norman Chigier
April 01, 1991

The book begins with an introduction to the general problems of making measurements in high temperature and a presentation of chemically reacting flow systems. It describes each instrument with the various diagnostic techniques and discusses measurements that have been made in furnaces, flames, and...

Atomization and Sprays

1st Edition

Arthur Lefebvre
December 01, 1988

Atomization and Sprays examines the atomization of liquids and characteristics of sprays. It explains the physical processes of atomization as well as guidelines for designing atomizers. In addition, it demonstrates how the importance of the size and velocity of a particle contributes to improved...