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Advanced Applications in Acoustics, Noise and Vibration

1st Edition

Frank Fahy, John Walker
July 08, 2004

Advanced Applications in Acoustics, Noise and Vibration provides comprehensive and up-to-date overviews of knowledge, applications and research activities in a range of topics that are of current interest in the practice of engineering acoustics and vibration technology. The thirteen chapters are...

Industrial Noise Control and Acoustics

1st Edition

Randall F. Barron
November 14, 2002

Compiling strategies from more than 30 years of experience, this book provides numerous case studies that illustrate the implementation of noise control applications, as well as solutions to common dilemmas encountered in noise reduction processes. It offers methods for predicting the noise...

Understanding Active Noise Cancellation

1st Edition

Colin N. Hansen
June 28, 2001

Understanding Active Noise Cancellation Provides a concise introduction to the fundamentals and applications of active control of vibration and sound for the non-expert. It is also a useful quick reference for the specialist engineer. The book emphasises the practical applications of technology,...

Theory of Vibration with Applications

1st Edition

William Thomson
February 01, 1996

This edition features a new chapter on computational methods that presents the basic principles on which most modern computer programs are developed. It introduces an example on rotor balancing and expands on the section on shock spectrum and isolation....

Detailing for Acoustics

3rd Edition

Peter Lord, Duncan Templeton
December 21, 1995

A manual of constructional details which shows how successful results in acoustic design can be achieved by correct use of building materials, products and components. Details are drawn to scale and carry informative labelling and supplementary text. This updated and revised edition of an...

Sound Intensity

2nd Edition

Frank Fahy
October 26, 1995

The advent of instruments capable of measuring sound intensity, which represents the flow of energy in sound fields, has revolutionised audio-frequency acoustical metrology. Since publication of the first edition, two International Standards for the use of sound intensity for sound source power...