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Lubrication in Practice

2nd Edition

W. L. Robertson
March 07, 1984

This book summarizes basic lubrication theory, its types and properties, and covers some specific applications of lubrication: diesel and petrol engines, hydraulics, compressors, machine tools and cutting oils. It then focuses on the storage and handling of lubricants, and on lubrication planning....

Quality Assurance in Research and Development

1st Edition

October 27, 1983

This book provides guidelines for obtaining research and development (RD) results of a consistent and known quality. The approaches discussed here have been developed for an industrial research center engaged in RD to support operating divisions of the parent corporation....

Adhesives in Manufacturing

1st Edition

August 26, 1983

This book provides an exhaustive range of detailed, easy-access information required to initiate or improve an adhesive bonding operation in a modern industrial environment. Featuring recent developments and more than 400 photos, figures, and tables, this practical reference is the most...

Hot Rolling of Steel

1st Edition

William L. Roberts
June 21, 1983

Number ten of the Manufacturing Engineering and Material Processing series. Includes one page corrigenda laid-in. 800 illustrations clarifying key points. Thorough account of the hot-rolling process and facilities as well as follow-up treatments given to hot-rolled products. Companion volume to "...

What Every Engineer Should Know about Inventing

1st Edition

September 01, 1981

This book provides the reader with the information they need to develop into a person who seeks creative opportunities and responds with elegant inventions. It is intended for young inventor and to all those who have the talent and the desire to invent....

Computer-Aided Kinetics for Machine Design

1st Edition

Daniel L. Ryan
June 01, 1981

This book presents a study of computer-aided machine design and explains the fundamental concepts of kinematics and machine element design in lay terms. It is useful for those concerned with developing new programs in computer-aided design, in both industry and education....

Mathematical Programming for Operations Researchers and Computer Scientists

1st Edition

June 01, 1981

This book covers the fundamentals of linear programming, extension of linear programming to discrete optimization methods, multi-objective functions, quadratic programming, geometric programming, and classical calculus methods for solving nonlinear programming problems....

Management of Hotel and Motel Security

1st Edition

H. Burstein
September 01, 1980

This book presents ideas to hotel/motel security directors and managers to help them understand some of the problems with which they will be confronted, the various approaches to solutions, and the ways of relating to other members of the management team to achieve optimum results....

Strengthening of Ceramics: Treatments: Tests, and Design Applications

1st Edition

Henry Paul Kirchner
September 01, 1979

This book presents the descriptions of individual treatments and resulting improvements in the strength of polycrystalline ceramics and oxide single crystals. It provides information on potential applications, limitations of the treatments, design considerations, and costs....

Cold Rolling of Steel

1st Edition

October 01, 1978

With the publication of this book, newcomers to the field of steel rolling have a complete introductionto the cold rolling process, including the history of cold rolling, the equipment currentlyin use, the behavior of the rolling lubricant, the thermal and metallurgical aspects of the subject,...