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Mathematical Programming for Operations Researchers and Computer Scientists

1st Edition

June 01, 1981

This book covers the fundamentals of linear programming, extension of linear programming to discrete optimization methods, multi-objective functions, quadratic programming, geometric programming, and classical calculus methods for solving nonlinear programming problems....

Management of Hotel and Motel Security

1st Edition

H. Burstein
September 01, 1980

This book presents ideas to hotel/motel security directors and managers to help them understand some of the problems with which they will be confronted, the various approaches to solutions, and the ways of relating to other members of the management team to achieve optimum results....

Strengthening of Ceramics: Treatments: Tests, and Design Applications

1st Edition

Henry Paul Kirchner
September 01, 1979

This book presents the descriptions of individual treatments and resulting improvements in the strength of polycrystalline ceramics and oxide single crystals. It provides information on potential applications, limitations of the treatments, design considerations, and costs....

Cold Rolling of Steel

1st Edition

October 01, 1978

With the publication of this book, newcomers to the field of steel rolling have a complete introductionto the cold rolling process, including the history of cold rolling, the equipment currentlyin use, the behavior of the rolling lubricant, the thermal and metallurgical aspects of the subject,...

Statistical Quality Control Methods

1st Edition

Irving W. Burr
February 01, 1976

This book focuses on statistical methods useful in quality control, emphasizing on data-analysis and decision-making. These techniques are also of great use in areas such as laboratory analyses and research. The problems and examples presented are from actual cases encountered in the industry....