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Computer Integrated Electronics Manufacturing and Testing

1st Edition

September 01, 1989

Describes this process at it relates to the electronics industry, focusing on such areas as printed wiring boards, networking, automatic assembly, surface mount technology, tape automated bonding, bar coding, and electro-static discharge. Also studies the effects of group work ethics as a factor in...

Specification Writing and Management

1st Edition

M. Mcrobb
August 29, 1989


Steel-Rolling Technology: Theory and Practice

1st Edition

June 28, 1989

"This state-of-the-art volume examines steel-rolling technology in a systematic and comprehensive manner--providing an excellent synthesis of current information from three different branches of science--physics, metallurgy, and engineering. "...

Safety Design Criteria for Industrial Plants, Volume I

1st Edition

Maurizio Cumo, Antonio Naviglio
May 31, 1989

Ageneralization and rationalization of the main safety design criteria and safety analysis methodologies developed in nuclear aerospace and chemical engineering is presnted in two comprehensive volumes. The concepts of risk, damage and probability of hazardous events are introduced. Risks...

In-Process Quality Control for Manufacturing

1st Edition

William Barkman
February 22, 1989


Automated Inspection and Quality Assurance

1st Edition

Stanley L. Robinson, Richard Kendall Miller
January 10, 1989

New concepts for gaging, inspection, checking, machine vision, and robotic testing. Includes guidelines for installing complex electronic and computerized systems and a directory of commercially availalbe computer software, as well as distributors' names and addresses. Annotation copyright Book News...

Beating Your Competition Through Quality

1st Edition

D. B. Owen
December 22, 1988


What Every Engineer Should Know about Quality Control

1st Edition

October 28, 1988

"Considerations of Quality play a prominent role in all fields -- particularly with recently focused attention on issues of consumerism, product and professional liability, and government regulation. American industries must improve quality if they are to remain competitive in world markets. "...

Electronic Product Design for Automated Manufacturing

1st Edition

Richard Stillwell
October 03, 1988

Analyzes all phases of the electronic product design process, including management, planning, quality control, design, manufacturing, and automation. A reference/textbook for students and professionals in such fields as electronics, manufacturing, circuit design, computer science. Annotation copyrig...