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What Every Engineer Should Know about Practical Cad/cam Applications

1st Edition

June 11, 1986

This book presents basic information on CAD/CAM and describes how to select, implement, and run a CAD/CAM system in the mechanical engineering environment. It also describes the overall state of CAD/CAM today in different industrial sectors and for different manufacturing technologies....

Applications of Quality Control in the Service Industries

1st Edition

A. C. Rosander
December 20, 1985

This book discusses basic concepts, principles, and quality characteristics in the service industries, an understanding of the techniques and their applications. It helps to close the gap between proven principles and successful applications....

CAD/CAM Dictionary

1st Edition

December 10, 1985

This book presents general computer definitions and abbreviations as well as application-specification terminology related to the world of CAD/CAM in alphabetical order....

Applied Regression Analysis and Experimental Design

1st Edition

Richard J. Brook, Gregory C. Arnold
April 25, 1985

For a solid foundation of important statistical methods, the concise, single-source text unites linear regression with analysis of experiments and provides students with the practical understanding needed to apply theory in real data analysis problems. Stressing principles while keeping...

Design Assurance for Engineers and Managers

1st Edition

October 30, 1984

This book describes the concepts and methods of a discipline called design assurance, and reveals many nontechnical aspects that are necessary for getting the work done in an engineering department. It is helpful to engineers and their managers in understanding and using design assurance techniques....

Computer Modeling for Business and Industry

1st Edition

Bruce L. Bowerman
September 12, 1984

This book is intended to be primarily a supplemental text that can be used to integrate the use of computer packages into introductory business statistics and quantitative methods courses, demonstrating how computer packages can be used to solve statistical and operational research problems....

Understanding the Manufacturing Process: Key to Successful Cad/cam Implementation

1st Edition

June 01, 1984

This book approaches manufacturing as a basic problem of making a desired end-product from bulk raw materials. It encompasses the entire gamut of activities from product concept to maintenance of past products in the field, and everything in between....

Lubrication in Practice

2nd Edition

W. L. Robertson
March 07, 1984

This book summarizes basic lubrication theory, its types and properties, and covers some specific applications of lubrication: diesel and petrol engines, hydraulics, compressors, machine tools and cutting oils. It then focuses on the storage and handling of lubricants, and on lubrication planning....

Quality Assurance in Research and Development

1st Edition

October 27, 1983

This book provides guidelines for obtaining research and development (RD) results of a consistent and known quality. The approaches discussed here have been developed for an industrial research center engaged in RD to support operating divisions of the parent corporation....