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The Good and the Bad News about Quality

1st Edition

February 09, 1988

This book provides a vehicle to foster interaction of the elements of the modern approach to quality, including statistical applications, quality and reliability engineering, management, and motivational aspects. It is intended for those in manufacturing, engineering, marketing, and management....

Flexible Manufacturing Systems in Practice: Design: Analysis and Simulation

1st Edition

Joseph Talavage
December 18, 1987

This book has been written for all those interested in flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) and other forms of computerized manufacturing systems (CMS). It deals with many aspects of the design, operation, and simulation of FMS and explains the origins of FMS....

Factory Information Systems: Design and Implementation for Cim Management and Control

1st Edition

John Gaylord
June 23, 1987

This book tells how to develop a successful factory information system to manage and control computer integrated manufacturing (CIM)operations. It is directed and dedicated to those people who are involved in the preservation and enhancement of historical manufacturing strength....

Cam Design and Manufacture, Second Edition

2nd Edition

March 27, 1987

This book provides the methods of solving the problems connected with cams—their design, application, and manufacture. It introduces the improvement of numerically controlled machine tools and the availability of computers in general. The book is useful for practicing and design engineers....

Poor-Quality Cost: Implementing, Understanding, and Using the Cost of Poor Quality

1st Edition

February 26, 1987

An easy-to-read and highly informative book on an extremely important subject.Provides a road map for establishing a system for the identification and elimination of poor-quality costs.Gives management at all levels an important tool for maximization of profit eliminating the concept of optimum...

Printed Circuit Assembly Manufacturing

1st Edition

February 03, 1987


Programmable Controllers for Factory Automation

1st Edition

David Johnson
January 30, 1987

This book is intended to address both the quantitative and qualitative issues of programmable controllers for factory automation. It is helpful for both the newcomer to the field and the experienced control engineer requiring a fresh perspective....

Nontraditional Manufacturing Processes

1st Edition

Gary F. Benedict
January 29, 1987

This book provides a convenient, single source of information on advanced machining, material forming, and joining processes. It describes available technologies that use tools, such as high velocity material jets, pulsed magnetic fields, light beams, electrochemical reactions, and more. Organized...

What Every Engineer Should Know about Practical Cad/cam Applications

1st Edition

June 11, 1986

This book presents basic information on CAD/CAM and describes how to select, implement, and run a CAD/CAM system in the mechanical engineering environment. It also describes the overall state of CAD/CAM today in different industrial sectors and for different manufacturing technologies....