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1st Edition

D.R. Cox, Walter Smith
June 01, 1991

This is a classic book on Queues. First published in 1961 it is clearly and concisely introduces the theory of queueing systems and is still just as relevant today. The monograph is aimed at both students and operational research workers concerned with the practical investigations of queueing,...

Ethics in Quality

1st Edition

April 29, 1991



2nd Edition

John P. Tanner
December 18, 1990

Revised and updated introduction, useful as a reference source for engineers and managers or as a text for upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses in technical colleges and universities. Includes end-of-chapter questions (an answer book is provided for teachers). Annotation copyright Book New...

The Quality Promise

1st Edition

November 28, 1990

Showing how each person can influence the quality of working relationships as well as the quality of the product or service provided, this volume examines the three key interfaces which everyone has on the job a craftsperson performing a process or service, an entrepreneur interacting with customers...

What Every Manager Should Know about Quality

1st Edition

Thomas Pyzdek
November 28, 1990

"Offers an accessible account of quality control and features forms, worksheets, and step-by-step procedures that simplify statistical process control - showing how to build a business that will thrive in today's economy. "...

Quality Function Deployment: The Practitioner's Approach

1st Edition

September 28, 1990

Quality Function Deployment is an information system producing structured data for quality managers and practitioners. This is a practical guide to implementing such a system for readers assumed to be familiar with it. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or....

Mechanical Deburring and Surface Finishing Technology

1st Edition

June 04, 1990

This handbook focuses on product application principles in the design, development, engineering, and shop floor techniques of deburring, edge contouring, and surface-conditioning methods, systems, and processes highlighting semi-automatic equipment, robotics, automated machinery, and computer-contro...

Robot Technology and Applications

1st Edition

May 25, 1990

Introduces designers to hardware and software tools necessary for planning, laying out, and building advanced robot-based manufacturing cells surveying the available technology for creating innovative machines suitable to individual needs. Considers assembly system simulation, task-oriented programm...

In-Process Measurement and Control

1st Edition

Stephen Murphy
April 27, 1990

This book attempts to encompass in-process measurement and control holistically as opposed to dealing with the bits and pieces. It discusses various types of sensors and strategies for using the data derived from the sensors in a closed-loop feedback arrangement....

Assembly Line Design: Methodology and Applications

1st Edition

We-Min Chow
April 27, 1990

This book attempts to treat line design and its related subjects in a cohesive manner, with an emphasis on design applications. It discusses general guidelines for setting up assumptions and determining line performance parameters, based on empirical data from literature reports....

Typology of Industrialization Processes in the Nineteenth Century

1st Edition

A. Joseph Pollard
April 16, 1990


Computer-Integrated Manufacturing: Theory and Practice

1st Edition

Daniel Koenig
April 01, 1990