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Social Media Analytics for User Behavior Modeling: A Task Heterogeneity Perspective

1st Edition

Arun Reddy Nelakurthi, Jingrui He
January 16, 2020

In recent years social media has gained significant popularity and has become an essential medium of communication. Such user-generated content provides an excellent scenario for applying the metaphor of mining any information. Transfer learning is a research problem in machine learning that...

Mathematical Methods in Engineering and Applied Sciences

1st Edition

Hemen Dutta
January 14, 2020

This book covers tools and techniques used for developing mathematical methods and modelling related to real-life situations. It brings forward significant aspects of mathematical research by using different mathematical methods such as analytical, computational, and numerical with relevance or...

Advanced Studies in Multi-Criteria Decision Making

1st Edition

Sarah Ben Amor, Adiel Teixeira de Almeida, Joao Luis de Miranda, Emel Aktas
December 16, 2019

With contributions from some of the top academics and scientists in the field, Advanced Studies in Multi-Criteria Decision Making presents an updated view of the landscape of Decision Sciences, current research topics, the interaction with other sciences and fields, as well as the prospects and...

Production and Operations Analysis: Traditional, Latest, and Smart Views

1st Edition

Susmita Bandyopadhyay
December 11, 2019

The aim of this book is to cover various aspects of the Production and Operations Analysis. Apart from the introduction to basic understanding of each topic, the book will also provide insights to various conventional techniques as well as, various other mathematical and nature-based techniques...

Supply Chain Engineering and Logistics Handbook: Inventory and Production Control

1st Edition

Erick C. Jones
December 09, 2019

This handbook begins with the history of Supply Chain (SC) Engineering, it goes on to explain how the SC is connected today, and rounds out with future trends. The overall merit of the book is that it introduces a framework similar to sundial that allows an organization to determine where their...

Market Assessment with OR Applications

1st Edition

Adarsh Anand, Deepti Aggrawal, Mohini Agarwal
December 09, 2019

This book provides an understanding of the concept of marketing and its role in business and public organization including the need for scientific marketing analysis. It includes a variety of mathematical models applied for better decision making, promotional decisions in the presence of...

Optimizing Engineering Problems through Heuristic Techniques

1st Edition

Kaushik Kumar, Divya Zindani, J. Paulo Davim
December 02, 2019

This book will cover heuristic optimization techniques and applications in engineering problems. The book will be divided into three sections that will provide coverage of the techniques, which can be employed by engineers, researchers, and manufacturing industries, to improve their productivity...

Business Intelligence and Analytics in Small and Medium Enterprises

1st Edition

Pedro Novo Melo, Carolina Machado
December 02, 2019

Technological developments in recent years have been tremendous. This evolution is visible in companies through technological equipment, computerized procedures, and management practices associated with technologies. One of the management practices that is visible is related to business...

Advances in Management Research: Innovation and Technology

1st Edition

Avinash K. Shrivastava, Sudhir Rana, Amiya Kumar Mohapatra, Mangey Ram
December 02, 2019

This book covers advancements across business domains in knowledge and information management. It presents research trends in the fields of management, innovation, and technology, and is composed of research papers that show applications of IT, analytics, and business operations in industry and in...

Sustainability, Innovation and Procurement

1st Edition

Sachin Kumar Mangla, Sunil Luthra
November 21, 2019

Sustainable procurement is the pursuit of sustainable development objectives through the purchasing and supply process, while balancing environmental, social, and economic objectives. This book will help readers develop new contemporary knowledge about frameworks, innovative tools and techniques to...

Methods of Mathematical Modelling: Fractional Differential Equations

1st Edition

Harendra Singh, Devendra Kumar, Dumitru Baleanu
September 30, 2019

This book features original research articles on the topic of mathematical modelling and fractional differential equations. The contributions, written by leading researchers in the field, consist of chapters on classical and modern dynamical systems modelled by fractional differential equations in...

Mathematics in Engineering Sciences: Novel Theories, Technologies, and Applications

1st Edition

Mangey Ram
September 16, 2019

This book includes research studies, novel theory, as well as new methodology and applications in mathematics and management sciences. The book will provide a comprehensive range of mathematics applied to engineering areas for different tasks. It will offer an international perspective and a bridge...