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Turbulence in Open Channel Flows

1st Edition

Hiroji Nakagawa, Iehisa Nezu
June 07, 1993

A review of open channel turbulence, focusing especially on certain features stemming from the presence of the free surface and the bed of a river. Part one presents the statistical theory of turbulence; Part two addresses the coherent structures in open-channel flows and boundary layers....

Model-Based Systems Engineering

1st Edition

A. Wayne Wymore
April 05, 1993

Model-Based Systems Engineering explains the fundamental theories behind model-based systems and the considerations involved in applying theory to the design of real systems. The book begins by presenting terms used in systems engineering and introducing the discrete system and its components. The...

Temperature Measurement

1st Edition

Bela G. Liptak
March 15, 1993

Temperature Measurement covers nearly every type of temperature measurement device, in particular, bimetallic thermometers, filled bulb and glass stem thermometers, thermistors, thermocouples, and thermowells. Includes suppliers and prices. Béla G. Lipták speaks on Post-Oil Energy Technology on the...

Looking Ahead: Human Factors Challenges in A Changing World

1st Edition

Raymond S. Nickerson
October 01, 1992

This volume aims to review some of the recent developments and trends that seem especially relevant to any attempt to understand near-term-future possibilities; to consider what a variety of knowledgeable people are saying about changes and developments that could occur; and to relate the...

Plastic Films: Technology and Packaging Applications

1st Edition

Wilmer A. Jenkins, Kenton R. Osborn
September 25, 1992

This is a complete illustrated guide and reference to today's plastic films for packaging. All significant aspects of plastic films for packaging are clearly and concisely presented: from materials, processes and machinery to applications and regulatory, social and economic considerations. More...

Engineering Modeling and Design

1st Edition

William L. Chapman, A. Terry Bahill, A. Wayne Wymore
September 16, 1992

Engineering Modeling and Design is a comprehensive systems engineering text that focuses on systematic principles for designing systems. Concurrent engineering, which requires that from the very start of a project all players (e.g., engineering, maintenance, marketing, customers) are involved as...

Introduction to Forensic Engineering

1st Edition

Randall K. Noon
September 03, 1992

Forensic engineering is generally defined as the application of engineering principles and methodology to answer questions of fact that may have legal ramifications. This new book provides an introduction to the science, methodology, and engineering principles involved in the diagnosis of some...

Marketing Yourself with Technical Writing: A Guide for Today's Professionals

1st Edition

William M. Vatavuk
July 21, 1992

Marketing Yourself with Technical Writing: A Guide for Today's Professionals provides valuable guidance on how to getting your technical writing published. The author discusses such important topics as book contracts, book indexes, the peer review process, writing query letters, and dealing with...

Quality Control for Profit: Gaining the Competitive Edge, Third Edition,

3rd Edition

Ronald H. Lester, Norbert L. Enrick, Harry E.. Mottley, Jr
May 22, 1992


Computerized Management of Multiple Small Projects: Planning, Task and Resource Scheduling, Estimating, Design Optimization, and Project Control

1st Edition

Richard E. Westney
March 17, 1992

"This well-organized reference presents complete and explicit instructions on exactly what to do to manage multiple small projects -- using limited resources -- in any industry. The hands-on methods -- derived from proven successes in every type of business -- specifically address the needs of the...

Design at Work: Cooperative Design of Computer Systems

1st Edition

Joan Greenbaum, Morten Kyng
April 01, 1991

The contributors to this important volume begin with a simple premise: Computer system development is difficult, not primarily because of the complexity of technical problems, but because of the social interaction involved when users and designers learn to create programs and express ideas together...

Essential Engineering Equations

1st Edition

Syed A. Nasar, Clayton R. Paul
February 26, 1991

Linear, simultaneous algebraic equations, ordinary differential equations, partial differential equations; and difference equations are the four most common types of equations encountered in engineering. This book provides methods for solving general equations of all four types and draws examples...