Engineering - General

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Engineering Mathematics and Statistics: Pocket Handbook

1st Edition

Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff, Louise Ferrante
July 10, 1989


In-Process Quality Control for Manufacturing

1st Edition

William Barkman
February 22, 1989


What Every Engineer Should Know about Quality Control

1st Edition

October 28, 1988

"Considerations of Quality play a prominent role in all fields -- particularly with recently focused attention on issues of consumerism, product and professional liability, and government regulation. American industries must improve quality if they are to remain competitive in world markets. "...

What Every Engineer Should Know about Patents

2nd Edition

October 21, 1988

"This useful, authoritative volume focuses on all aspects of intellectual property law with particular emphasis on patent laws enabling the reader to avoid such pitfalls as a loss of rights, and establish valid rights in inventions, trademarks, and writings. "...

Electronic Product Design for Automated Manufacturing

1st Edition

Richard Stillwell
October 03, 1988

Analyzes all phases of the electronic product design process, including management, planning, quality control, design, manufacturing, and automation. A reference/textbook for students and professionals in such fields as electronics, manufacturing, circuit design, computer science. Annotation copyrig...

Construction Cost Engineering Handbook

1st Edition

Anghel Patrascu
March 30, 1988


Practical Statistics for Engineers and Scientists

1st Edition

Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff, Louise Ferrante
November 26, 1987


Optimization of Unit Operations

1st Edition

Bela G. Liptak
July 15, 1987

This comprehensive book examines the technology and practical applications of plant multivariable envelope control. Optimize plant productivity, including air handlers, boilers, chemical reactors, chillers, clean-rooms, compressors and fans, cooling towers, heat exchangers, and pumping stations....

Poor-Quality Cost: Implementing, Understanding, and Using the Cost of Poor Quality

1st Edition

February 26, 1987

An easy-to-read and highly informative book on an extremely important subject.Provides a road map for establishing a system for the identification and elimination of poor-quality costs.Gives management at all levels an important tool for maximization of profit eliminating the concept of optimum...