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The Little Adsorption Book: A Practical Guide for Engineers and Scientists

1st Edition

Diran Basmadjian
October 11, 1996

This unique approach to the basic concepts of adsorption is written for students, engineers, scientists, and others who need a clear presentation of adsorption processes. Unlike other texts on this subject, which are written for the specialist and rely heavily on advanced mathematics, this unique...

Statistics of Quality

1st Edition

Subir Ghosh, William R. Schucany, William B. Smith
September 26, 1996

Explains the role of statistics in improving the quality of collecting and analyzing information for a wide variety of applications. The book examines the function of statisticians in quality improvement. It discusses statistical process control, quality statistical tables, and quality and warranty...

Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems for Engineers

1st Edition

C.S. Krishnamoorthy, S. Rajeev
September 20, 1996

This book provides a comprehensive presentation of artificial intelligence (AI) methodologies and tools valuable for solving a wide spectrum of engineering problems. What's more, it offers these AI tools on an accompanying disk with easy-to-use software. Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems...

Packaging Strategy: Winning the Consumer

1st Edition

Mona Doyle
July 02, 1996


Computers As Assistants: A New Generation of Support Systems

1st Edition

Peter Hoschka
May 01, 1996

Computer systems based on the notion of the computer as assistant have recently become the focus of intense interest. The expanding role of the computer in everyday life and the growing number of untrained users make it necessary to think about new ways of dividing labor between humans and machines...

Risk, Economy and Safety, Failure Minimisation and Analysis Failures '96: Proceedings of the second international symposium, Pilanesberg, South Africa, 22-26 July 1996

1st Edition

R.K. Penny
January 01, 1996

Papers in this volume include: Management of risk; Failure analysis and minimisation; Modern methods of plant surveillance; Life assessment; Case studies, applications of expert systems to problems of corrosion and other damaging processes affecting performance, data collection and analysis....

Product Warranty Handbook

1st Edition

Wallace Blischke
November 03, 1995

Covering product warranties, this work offers comprehensive examinations of fundamental concepts and furnishes detailed, immediately applicable results. It sets out to bridge the gap between theory and practice, and integrates the research of various disciplines that study warranty, illustrating...

Fuzzy Rule Based Computer Design

1st Edition

John R. Newport
October 09, 1995

This book provides the theory and some examples of rule based reasoning applied to computer design. The presentation begins with design methods. These include both structured, object oriented design applied to software and systems engineering using several examples. Rule based reasoning, fuzzy...

Enhancing Industrial Performance: Experiences With Integrating The Human Factor

1st Edition

Harman Kragt
October 05, 1995

This work focuses on the implementation of socio-technical innovation in manufacturing companies, offering practical examples in the management of the human-computer interface. Each example includes a cost-benefit analysis. The book adopts an...

Applying TQM to Product Design and Development

1st Edition

Marvin Moss
September 15, 1995

"Comprehensively covers all phases of the application of Total Quality Management (TQM) to product design and development--from initial concept to customer support--addressing statistical quality control, manufacturing engineering, processes and procedures management, and motivation management....

The Influence of Technology on Engineering Education

1st Edition

John R. Bourne
August 15, 1995

"This book is the outcome of a National Science Foundation study entitled: 'Paradigm Shifts in Engineering Education: The Influence of Technology,' SED-9253002. The overall objective of this study was to forecast which of the various possible futures in engineering education were most promising to...

Simulated And Virtual Realities: Elements Of Perception

1st Edition

K. Carr, R. England
August 03, 1995

Virtual reality is a perceptual experience, achieved using technology. Anyone wishing to develop virtual reality should understand the human perceptual processes with which the technology seeks to interact and control. The book presents state-of-the-art reviews of the current understanding of these...