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Soil Reclamation Processes Microbiological Analyses and Applications

1st Edition

Robert L. Tate, Donald A. Klein
March 25, 1985

This book provides an assessment of the understanding of soil microbiology and biochemistry as part of reclamation processes. It attempts to assemble more specialized literature on reclamation, where application of microbiological concepts has provided the understanding of the process....

Indoor Air Quality

1st Edition

Phillip J. Walsh, Charles S. Dudney, Emily D. Copenhaver
December 22, 1983

Indoor Air Quality presents usable data and information on a range of subjects-from legislation to emission and ventilation rates-in tabular, graphical or schematic forms. Each chapter is thoroughly referenced so that readers can seek original documents as desired.This single volume collects the...

Controlling In-Plant Airborne Contaminants: Systems Design and Calculations

1st Edition

July 12, 1983

This book is a useful reference work for practicing engineers in their evaluation and design of systems for the control of the industrial in-plant environment. It provides design criteria, useful calculations and proven techniques to control the environment in oil refineries and chemical industries....