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Emissions From Combustion Processes - An ACS Environmental Chemistry Division Book

1st Edition

Ronald O. Kagel
October 24, 1990

Topics discussed in this book cover all aspects of combustion from the mechanics and formation of toxic pollutants and their transport/fate in the environment to emission abatement and risk assessment. Leading experts in the field have contributed information from studies ranging from fundamental...

Bioprocessing and Biotreatment of Coal

1st Edition

September 19, 1990

Within technical overview sections on such emerging areas as bioprocessing, bioconversion, biosolubilization, biosystems and biocleaning, this handsomely illustrated reference specifically surveys pioneering work in the genetic production of sulfatase enzymes for removing organic sulfur from coal; r...

Solid Waste Education Recycling Directory

1st Edition

Teresa Jones, Edward J. Calabrese
September 19, 1990

This directory thoroughly describes all of the solid waste education programs and materials available from all 50 states. If you are interested in starting a solid waste recycling program or improving what you have-this directory is for you. All programs K-12 are included, in addition to...

Sediments: Chemistry and Toxicity of In-Place Pollutants

1st Edition

Renato Baudo
August 27, 1990

This important volume-the product of a meeting of a select group of scientists-provides the most recent research results from the world's leaders in the study of toxic pollutants in sediments.It gives practical information on measuring and mapping distributions of concentrations of pollutants and...

Carbon, Nitrogen, and Sulfur Pollutants and Their Determination in Air and Water

1st Edition

Jerome C. Greyson
August 22, 1990

For chemists and engineers in ecology, food science, pollution control, and related fields. Details the procedures available for monitoring and controlling carbon, sulfur, and nitrogen pollutants in such industries as waste water treatment, energy, transportation, pharmaceuticals, and mining. Outlin...

Biosorption of Heavy Metals

1st Edition

Bohumil Volesky
August 15, 1990

This state-of-the-art volume represents the first comprehensively written book which focuses on the new field of biosorption. This fascinating work conveys essential fundamental information and outlines the perspectives of biosorption. It summarizes the metal-sorbing properties of nonliving...

Hazardous Waste Chemistry, Toxicology, and Treatment

1st Edition

Stanley E. Manahan
July 02, 1990

The first of its kind, this new book takes a unique look at hazardous wastes. Designed in a compact form, it is an easy-to-understand book on the chemistry and toxicology of hazardous substances and wastes. It begins with a basic coverage of chemistry and biochemistry, environmental chemical...

Groundwater Remediation and Petroleum: A Guide for Underground Storage Tanks

1st Edition

David C. Noonan, James T. Curtis
May 03, 1990

This new book presents state-of-the-art for treating groundwater contaminated with Petroleum Hydrocarbons, based on CDM's vast experience in treating contaminated groundwater using air stripping, GAC and biorestoration. Design issues and pitfalls to avoid when implementing treatment technologies...

Estimating Costs of Air Pollution Control

1st Edition

William M. Vatavuk
May 03, 1990

In these pages is all the information that you-manager, engineer, or other technical professional-would need to select, size, and estimate "budget/study" level capital and annual costs for a variety of air pollution control equipment. This equipment includes wet scrubbers, carbon adsorbers, and...

Waste Disposal in Academic Institutions

1st Edition

James A. Kaufman
April 30, 1990

This book will prove useful not only for both large and small academic institutions, but for small businesses as well. As small quantity generators and conditionally excluded small quantity generators, secondary schools, colleges, universities, and small businesses will identify with the...

Energy and Climate Change

1st Edition

April 30, 1990

Exclusively published by Lewis, and authored by world class scientists, this is one of the most current works published on energy and climate change. It is the best written synopsis of the chemical, climatic, and environmental effects of continuing emissions of carbon dioxide and other radiatively...

Metals Speciation, Separation, and Recovery, Volume Two

1st Edition

Gary Thomas Patterson
April 30, 1990

By and for engineers and scientists, this comprehensive book covers all aspects of metals chemistry, separation chemistry, and metals separation processes. State-of-the-art papers give news and recent developments and future research needs, of special value and interest to persons from industry,...