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Low-Level Radioactive Waste Regulation-Science, Politics and Fear

Michael Burns
December 01, 1987

A crisis awaits the states without adequate Low-Level Radioactive Waste (LLRW) disposal capacity, and states now struggling to comply with U.S. National Policy-widely believed unworkable. Some states may find that they are unable to dispose of the LLRW they generate! Long underestimated-or...

Wastes in Marine Environments

Office Tec
December 01, 1987

Where can we dispose of our waste is a issue virtually every community and industry in the country must face. For years, this often meant disposing of large amounts of waste materials in the Nation's marine environment. A broad assessment of waste disposal in marine environments, this book...

Management of Hazardous and Toxic Wastes in the Process Industries

S.T. Kolaczkowski, B.D. Crittenden
November 06, 1987

Proceedings of the International Congress on Recent Advances in the Management of Hazardous and Toxic Wastes in the Process Industries, Vienna, Austria, 8-13 March 1987....

Metals Speciation Separation and Recovery, Volume I

James W. Patterson
July 05, 1987

This comprehensive book covers metals chemistry, separation chemistry, and metals separation processes. State-of-the-art papers give new and recent developments and future research needs....

Underground Storage System

H. Kendall Wilcox
July 01, 1987

Here is the first book to deal with underground storage tanks and pipes-designed for beneficial use by anyone involved with leak detection and monitoring of underground storage systems. Underground Storage Systems gives a complete overview of how to detect a release, what equipment is required-and...

Health Effects and Hazardous Waste Sites

Julian B. Andelman
June 01, 1987

This valuable information and data for evaluating health effects from hazardous waste sites stems from the efforts of specialists representing leading research centers, hospitals, universities, government agencies and includes consultants' as well as corporate interpretations....

Design and Use of Pressure Sewer Systems

David Thrasher
March 01, 1987

This valuable text gives previously unreported experience in the design, operation and maintenance of pressure sewers. Economic advantages of the pressure sewer system allow development of previously undeveloped areas-making central sewer extension more affordable for both municipalities and...

Soil Reclamation Processes Microbiological Analyses and Applications

Robert L. Tate, Donald A. Klein
March 25, 1985


Indoor Air Quality

Phillip J. Walsh, Charles S. Dudney, Emily D. Copenhaver
December 22, 1983

Indoor Air Quality presents usable data and information on a range of subjects-from legislation to emission and ventilation rates-in tabular, graphical or schematic forms. Each chapter is thoroughly referenced so that readers can seek original documents as desired.This single volume collects the...