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Environmental Geotechnology: Proceedings of the Mediterranean conference, Cesme, Turkey, 25-27 May 1992 1992

1st Edition

Yalcin B. Acar, Mumtaz A. Usmen
January 01, 1992

Addresses the problems surrounding the disposal, use and management of waste, stressing the importance of better co-operation and collaboration among scientists, engineers and regulators.Contents: Characterization of wastes; Risk assessment techniques; Fundamentals of experimental & theoretical...

Environmental Management, Geo-water and Engineering Aspects: Proceedings of the international conference, Wollongong, NSW, Australia, 8-11 February 1993

1st Edition

Robin N. Chowdhury, S.M. Sivakumar
January 01, 1992

Comprises the proceedings of a conference on environmental management, which has become one of the key priorities in many countries and is expected to continue to represent a dominant influence on planning and development of our physical environment.Contents: Water quality and management; Slope...

Design of Slurry Transport Systems

1st Edition

B.E.A. Jacobs
December 31, 1991

This book benefits users, manufacturers and engineers by drawing together an overall view of the technology. It attempts to give the reader an appreciation of the extent to which slurry transport is presently employed, the theoretical basis for pipeline design, the practicalities of design and new...

Surface-Level Ozone Exposures and Their Effects on Vegetation

1st Edition

Allen S. Lefohn
December 18, 1991

Tropospheric ozone is a regionally distributed air pollutant that adversely affects both humans and vegetation. Surface-Level Ozone Exposures and Their Effects on Vegetation focuses on the formation, distribution, and transport of surface-level ozone; the characterization of its exposures; the...

Energy Use and the Environment

1st Edition

F.P.W. Winteringham
December 02, 1991

Energy Use and the Environment presents a contemporary view of such topics as current energy technology and energy types, including nuclear power, solar power, fossil-carbon based energy, and biomass fuels; research and development needs; the greenhouse effect; agricultural concerns; and...

Understanding Indoor Air Quality

1st Edition

Bradford O. Brooks
December 02, 1991

Understanding Indoor Air Quality presents a comprehensive examination of indoor air pollution that addresses the scope, origins, social context, and human health consequences of this emerging public health issue. Topics including the history, social context, and point sources of pollutants and...

Acoustic Waves in Boreholes

1st Edition

Frederick L. Paillet, Chuen Hon Cheng
October 29, 1991

Introducing the first, self-contained reference on acoustic waveform loggingAcoustic measurements in boreholes were first made as a specialized logging technique in geological exploration, but recent advances have greatly expanded the potential applications of this technique. Acoustic Waves in...

Adsorption Technology for Air and Water Pollution Control

1st Edition

Kenneth E. Noll
October 18, 1991

This practical book is valuable for a diversity of applications in both air and water pollution. Adsorption Technology usually deals with control of organic compounds, such as VOCs, pesticides, phenolics, and complex synthetic organics. However, it is also used to control certain inorganic...

Municipal Waste Disposal in the 1990s

1st Edition

Bela G. Liptak
September 15, 1991

This practical guide provides answers to questions about all facets of municipal waste treatment and disposal. Discover the latest standards, practices, and technology for handling landfills, hazardous waste disposal, sewage sludge, incineration, pollution-control equipment, HRIs, recycling, and...

Indoor Air Pollution: Radon, Bioaerosols, and VOCs

1st Edition

Jack G. Kay, George E. Keller, Jay F. Miller
August 06, 1991

Indoor Air Pollution: Radon, Bioaerosols, and VOCs covers the most current aspects of indoor pollution research, including vitally important topics such as radon, bioaerosols, and volatile organic compounds. The book presents information on microbial contamination abatement, chemical...

Primer on Greeenhouse Gases

1st Edition

Donald J. Wuebbles, James A. Edmonds
July 24, 1991

Primer on Greeenhouse Gases provides an excellent reference resource that brings together the most current information available on greenhouse gases. Each of the gases featured is recognized as important to the future state of global atmospheric chemistry and climate. The direct radiative...