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Manipulation of Groundwater Colloids for Environmental Restoration

1st Edition

John McCarthy
January 04, 1993

This valuable resource discusses several strategies of manipulating colloids for environmental restoration, identifies advantages and disadvantages of each strategy, and considers obstacles limiting the application of each strategy. Approaches evaluated include the following:Chemical modification...

Geotechnical Management of Waste and Contamination: Proceedings of the conference, Sydney, NSW, 22-23 March 1993

1st Edition

Robin Fell, Charles Gerrard, Tony Phillips
January 01, 1993

Comprises the proceedings of a conference on geotechnical waste management and contamination. Coverage ranges from remediation of contaminated sites to design and management of landfills. There are also papers dealing with case histories and research. Contents: Groundwater contamination flow;...

A Global Warming Forum: Scientific, Economic, and Legal Overview

1st Edition

Richard A. Geyer
December 21, 1992

A Global Warming Forum: Scientific, Economic, and Legal Overview provides an integrated, thematic approach to major critical aspects of the problem presented by global warming. Scientific issues; economics; natural resource management concerns; and legal, educational, and policy considerations are...

Chemistry and Microstructure of Solidified Waste Forms

1st Edition

Roger D. Spence
December 15, 1992

Chemistry and Microstructure of Solidified Waste Forms presents a comprehensive summary of mechanisms of immobilization in cementitious waste forms and the effect of waste species on cement chemistry and morphology. The book introduces the well-known chemistry and microstructure of cement pastes,...

Principles and Practices for Petroleum Contaminated Soils

1st Edition

Edward J. Calabrese, Paul T. Kostecki
November 30, 1992

Principles and Practices for Petroleum Contaminated Soils includes some of the best research and practical work done by top researchers in the field-both in industry and academia. It covers fundamental and advanced topics, such as analysis and site assessment, techniques (e.g., vacuum extraction,...

Effective and Safe Waste Management: Interfacing Sciences and Engineering with Monitoring and Risk Analysis

1st Edition

Robert L. Jolley, Rhoda G.M. Wang
November 23, 1992

Effective and safe waste management is dependent on the collaborative interaction of engineers, computer modeling specialists, toxicologists, risk assessment experts, soil scientists, biologists, geologists, chemists and professionals in many other disciplines. To meet the needs of this diverse...

Remediation Manual for Petroleum Contaminated Sites

1st Edition

David L. Russell
November 23, 1992

Based on proven investigation into cleanup techniques, the material in this manual gives engineers a working knowledge of the field and a basis for making key decisions during the cleanup process. It is easy to get petroleum into the ground, but hard to get it back out again. The problem does not...

Practical Techniques for Groundwater & Soil Remediation

1st Edition

Evan K. Nyer
September 25, 1992

Practical Techniques for Groundwater and Soil Remediation is a compilation of articles by the author that were printed in the National Ground Water Association (NGWA) magazine Groundwater Monitoring Review. The book provides valuable data, emphasizes the practical aspects of remediation, presents...

Hazardous Waste Site Investigations: Toward Better Decisions

1st Edition

Richard B. Gammage, Barry A. Berven
September 23, 1992

Hazardous Waste Site Investigations: Toward Better Decisions focuses on the development and application of new, more cost-effective technologies for hazardous waste site characterization and remediation. Quality assurance is a recurring theme throughout the book. New technologies are presented for...

Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soils, Volume II

1st Edition

Paul T. Kostecki
September 01, 1992

Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soils, Volume II presents all of the important topics of hydrocarbon contaminated soils from the perspectives of scientific theory, regulatory application, and analysis and site assessment. These topics include an analysis of pollutants, soil physics and environmental fate;...

Clean Technology

1st Edition

Allan Johansson
August 26, 1992

Due to pressure from government regulations, the design and development of new manufacturing processes are shifting to pollution prevention and waste reduction at the source through the implementation of proper process and product design. Clean Technology incorporates ideas for pollution prevention...

Groundwater Contamination and Analysis at Hazardous Waste Sites

1st Edition

Suzanne Lesage
August 13, 1992

This comprehensive reference describes investigations of the fate of toxic chemicals emanating from hazardous waste sites and contaminating groundwater, discussing the hydrogeochemistry at US, Canadian, Australian, and German sites to reflect the different approaches used around the world.;Written...