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Clean Production Strategies Developing Preventive Environmental Management in the Industrial Economy

1st Edition

Tim Jackson
May 12, 1993

Clean Production Strategies is a cross-disciplinary book that presents a comprehensive examination of a new ethic emphasizing the appropriate design of products, processes, and economic activities to reduce the generation of waste into the environment. The book explores concepts and principles,...

Principles and Practice of Waste Encapsulation

1st Edition

Jack A. Caldwell, Charles Reith
April 29, 1993

Principles and Practice of Waste Encapsulation is devoted to the philosophy and practice of the design and construction of encapsulation systems that control waste dispersal. The book describes both existing encapsulation systems and those in the planning stages for disposal facilities ranging from...

DNAPL Site Evaluation

1st Edition

James W. Mercer, Robert M. Cohen
April 29, 1993

DNAPL Site Evaluation covers long-term contamination of ground water by DNAPL (dense non-aqueous phase liquids) chemicals. The book develops a framework for planning and implementing DNAPL site characterization activities. It provides detailed methods to identify, characterize, and monitor sites...

Air Pollution Control and Design for Industry

1st Edition

Paul N. Cheremisinoff
April 20, 1993

Presents current methods for controlling air pollution generated at stationary industrial sources and provides complete coverage of control options, equipment and techniques. The main focus of the book is on practical solutions to air pollution problems....

Remediation of PCB Spills

1st Edition

Mitchell D. Erickson
April 13, 1993

Remediation of PCB Spills provides guidelines for cleaning up PCB spills, emphasizing sampling design, sampling methods, and analytical methods. The book covers every important aspect of PCB remediation, including sampling design, quality assurance, components of the cleanup process, sampling and...

Hazardous Waste Risk Assessment

1st Edition

Kofi Asante-Duah
March 26, 1993

Hazardous Waste Risk Assessment provides a concise yet comprehensive examination of concepts and techniques in risk assessment that can be applied to hazardous waste problems. The book emphasizes the use of health risk assessment to support management decisions on hazardous waste disposal and site...

Environmental Impacts of Mining Monitoring, Restoration, and Control

1st Edition

Mritunjoy Sengupta
March 26, 1993

Environmental Impacts of Mining is a comprehensive reference addressing some of the most significant environmental problems associated with mining. These issues include destruction of landscapes, destruction of agricultural and forest lands, sedimentation and erosion, soil contamination, surface...

Issues in Underground Storage Tank Management UST Closure and Financial Assurance

1st Edition

Janet E. Robinson, Paul S. Thompson, W. David Conn, L. Leon Geyer
February 22, 1993

Issues in Underground Storage Tank Management presents a comprehensive description of the many complex facets of hazardous waste management, tank closure, and site assessment. It is also the only book to cover financial assurance of UST remediation. Part I discusses UST closure including regulation...

Indoor Air Quality and HVAC Systems

1st Edition

David W. Bearg
February 22, 1993

Indoor Air Quality and HVAC Systems is a practical guide for understanding the relationship between the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of HVAC systems and achieving indoor air quality (IAQ). The book describes the individual components of HVAC systems and the role each plays in...

Global and Regional Changes in Atmospheric Composition

1st Edition

Erno Meszaros
February 22, 1993

This is an excellent reference for atmospheric scientists, policy makers, environmental managers, and environmental consultants. Topics covered include acid rain, greenhouse gases, stratospheric ozone, and the air chemistry of various materials - from their emission into the atmosphere to their...

Sampling and Analysis of Airborne Pollutants

1st Edition

Eric D. Winegar, Lawrence H. Keith
February 18, 1993

Sampling and Analysis of Airborne Pollutants is a compilation of recent work addressing air pollution and the measurement of airborne compounds conducted by leading environmental scientists. Themes ranging from electro-optical remote sensing to new directions in sampling techniques are represented,...

Oil Spill Dispersants: Mechanisms of Action and Laboratory Tests

1st Edition

February 10, 1993

Oil Spill Dispersants: Mechanisms of Action and Laboratory Tests provides a comprehensive summary of current information available regarding the general formulation of commercial dispersants and their function to lower oil-water interfacial tension. The book considers how chemical dispersants work...