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Assessment and Remediation of Petroleum Contaminated Sites

1st Edition

G. Mattney Cole
March 24, 1994

Federal regulations have required thousands of underground storage tanks (USTs) to be dug up and removed or replaced. The contamination of soil and ground water from leaking USTs has become widespread and has produced an overwhelming number of sites that require remediation. Assessment and...

Nuclear Waste Disposal: Geophysical Safety

1st Edition

Alexei V. Byalko
March 16, 1994

This book provides an important review of the present state and possible future development of high-level nuclear waste disposals. The author discusses the structure, thermal history, and dynamics of the earth's crust, explaining their importance in nuclear safety. The author presents critical...

Hydrocarbon Bioremediation

1st Edition

Battelle Memorial In, Robert E. Hinchee, R.N. Miller, R.E. Hoeppel
March 08, 1994

With oil spills occurring worldwide, much media and practical attention has been given in recent years to the rapidly maturing field of hydrocarbon bioremediation, particularly with application to marine spills. Hydrocarbon contamination of soil and groundwater, although less visible, is even more...

Bioremediation of Chlorinated and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Compounds

1st Edition

Battelle Memorial In
February 28, 1994

This timely reference presents the state of the art of the emerging and rapidly changing field of bioremediation of chlorinated solvents, PCBs, and other chlorinated compounds, as well as PAHs, both in situ and on site. This landmark publication reports significant advances in bioremediation, with...

Air Sparging for Site Remediation

1st Edition

Battelle Memorial In
February 23, 1994

The problem of aquifer contamination remains one of the greatest challenges facing environmental scientists and engineers. Air sparging, a technique unknown until recently, has emerged with increasing application frequency as an alternative to both the pump-and-treat technology and conventional in...

Process Engineering for Pollution Control and Waste Minimization

1st Edition

Donald L. Wise
February 15, 1994

Offers up-to-date technical information on current and potential pollution control and waste minimization practices, providing industry-specific case studies, techniques and models....

Hazardous Waste Control in Research and Education

1st Edition

Takashi Korenaga, Hiroshi Tsukube, Sumio Shinoda, Isei Nakamura
January 28, 1994

Hazardous Waste Control in Research and Education considers every aspect of hazardous waste control in universities, hospitals, and industries. It contains a broad array of organization and practices for off-site and on-site handling, and it introduces students, researchers, and managers to the...

Why Recycle?: Proceedings of the Recycling Council annual seminar, Birmingham, UK, 17 February 1994

1st Edition

A.K.M. Rainbow
January 01, 1994

A compilation of views of many international experts on the need for recycling.Contents: Biology of compost processes; Composting of food processing wastes; Cost effective recycling of domestic refuse by modified landfilling; Cost of recycling; Waste minimisation & waste auditing by companies;...

Proceedings of the 48th Industrial Waste Conference Purdue University, May 1993

1st Edition

Ronald F. Wukasch
December 28, 1993

Known and used throughout the world, the Purdue Industrial Waste Conference Proceedings books are the most highly regarded in the waste treatment field. New research, case histories, and operating data cover every conceivable facet of today's big problems in environmental control, treatment,...

Chemical Kinetics and Process Dynamics in Aquatic Systems

1st Edition

Patrick L. Brezonik
December 21, 1993

Chemical Kinetics and Process Dynamics in Aquatic Systems is devoted to chemical reactions and biogeochemical processes in aquatic systems. The book provides a thorough analysis of the principles, mathematics, and analytical tools used in chemical, microbial, and reactor kinetics. It also presents...

Work Environment

1st Edition

L. Sunny Hansen, James Hansen, Doan J. Hansen
December 17, 1993


Biotechnology for the Treatment of Hazardous Waste

1st Edition

Daphne L. Stoner
November 24, 1993

The development of biologically based processes for the treatment of hazardous inorganic and organic wastes is a multi-disciplinary effort requiring the consideration of a number of biological, chemical, and physical parameters, as well as the effective teaming of biologists, chemists, engineers,...