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Life-Cycle Assessment: Inventory Guidelines and Principles

1st Edition

Battelle Memorial In, Mary Ann Curran
July 22, 1994

Life-Cycle Assessment presents a brief overview of the development of the life-cycle assessment process and develops guidelines and principles for implementation of a product life-cycle inventory analysis. The book describes inventory analysis, impact analysis, and improvement analysis-the three...

Sizing and Selecting Air Pollution Control Systems

1st Edition

Frank L. Cross, Jr., Howard D. Hesketh
July 12, 1994

This book is designed to acquaint the reader with current regulations and with the necessary information to size air pollution control systems. The material presented should also help enable one to select the appropriate equipment for retrofit or new process control, to prepare specifications to...

Settled Asbestos Dust Sampling and Analysis

1st Edition

Steve M. Hays, James R. Millette
June 21, 1994

Settled Asbestos Dust Sampling and Analysis compiles the most significant data on asbestos in settled dust. This ready reference presents an analysis of settled dusts and surface particles of all sizes for asbestosthat is useful for qualitative and quantitative assessment and helps to determine the...

Planning and Managing Regional Air Quality: Modeling and Measurement Studies

1st Edition

Paul A. Solomon
June 15, 1994

This book presents the widely applicable information obtained during the planning and management of the collaborative regional air quality study known as the San Joaquin Valley Air Quality Study/Atmospheric Utility Signatures, Predictions, and Experiments (SJVAQS/AUSPEX). The extensive experience...

Fundamentals of Air Sampling

1st Edition

Gregory D. Wight
June 15, 1994

There is a growing need for environmental measurement personnel who possess a solid understanding of the techniques of air pollutant sampling. This essential book explains the fundamentals of air sampling, develops the theory of gas measurement, and presents several "how-to" examples of calibration...

Organic Dusts Exposure, Effects, and Prevention

1st Edition

Ragnar Rylander, Robert R. Jacobs
June 08, 1994

Organic dusts are particles of vegetable, animal, and microbial origin and are found in a wide range of occupational and general environments. This comprehensive handbook discusses organic dusts and their effects on man. Organic Dusts describes the different environments in which organic dusts are...

Workbook of Atmospheric Dispersion Estimates: An Introduction to Dispersion Modeling, Second Edition

2nd Edition

D. Bruce Turner
May 05, 1994

This completely updated and revised Second Edition of the popular Workbook of Atmospheric Dispersion Estimates provides an important foundation for understanding dispersion modeling as it is being practiced today. The book and accompanying diskette will help you determine the impacts of various...

Packaging and the Environment: Alternatives, Trends and Solutions

1st Edition

Susan Selke
April 21, 1994

The leading book on packaging and the environment-now expanded and updated This is a detailed examination and objective analysis of all aspects of environmental problems related to packaging: resource depletion, pollution, solid waste management, recycling, degradability, package design...

Remediation of Hazardous Waste Contaminated Soils

1st Edition

Donald L. Wise
March 30, 1994

"This unique, single-source reference offers a thorough treatment of the remediation of soils contaminated by hazardous wastes and the scientific and engineering issues that must be addressed in creating practical solutions for their reclamation."...

Description and Sampling of Contaminated Soils: A Field Guide

2nd Edition

J. Russell Boulding
March 29, 1994

This second edition of EPA's bestselling book, Description and Sampling of Contaminated Soils: A Field Guide, Second Edition, has been revised and significantly expanded over the original edition. An ideal reference for anyone involved in site investigations, this guide describes how to determine...

Assessment and Remediation of Petroleum Contaminated Sites

1st Edition

G. Mattney Cole
March 24, 1994

Federal regulations have required thousands of underground storage tanks (USTs) to be dug up and removed or replaced. The contamination of soil and ground water from leaking USTs has become widespread and has produced an overwhelming number of sites that require remediation. Assessment and...

Nuclear Waste Disposal: Geophysical Safety

1st Edition

Alexei V. Byalko
March 16, 1994

This book provides an important review of the present state and possible future development of high-level nuclear waste disposals. The author discusses the structure, thermal history, and dynamics of the earth's crust, explaining their importance in nuclear safety. The author presents critical...