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1st Edition

Harriet A. Burge
February 22, 1995

Written by an illustrious group of experts in microbiology and aerobiology, Bioaerosols brings together current information on the nature and health effects of bioaerosol-related problems. The book presents up-to-date coverage of methods for sampling and analysis, as well as various approaches to...

Climate ChangeImpact on Coastal Habitation

1st Edition

Doeke Eisma
February 06, 1995

Temperature and precipitation increase and decrease because of natural causes. However, anthropogenic changes, such as an enhanced greenhouse effect, may result in alterations in the regional climate and in relative sea level. Serious changes in climate and sea level-with adverse effects...

Composting: Yard and Municipal Solid Waste

1st Edition

February 03, 1995

This book aims to aid decision-makers in planning, siting, designing, and operating composting facilities. It is also useful to citizens, regulators, consultants, and vendors interested in the composting of yard trimmings and municipal solid waste....

Effects of War on the Environment: Croatia

1st Edition

Mervyn Richardson
January 26, 1995

Following the cessation of hostilities in Croatia, the task begins of assessing the damage caused and the remedial work needed. After several visits to the country on behalf of UNIDO, Mervyn Richardson has compiled a dossier detailing the effects of warfare on the environment. He discusses in...

Opportunities for Innovation: Pollution Prevention

1st Edition

Steven Ostheim
January 06, 1995

Guidebook to reducing pollution at the industrial/ manufacturing source. Emphasizes techniques for: metals coating, metals degreasing, office equipment, chemical manufacturing, printing, textiles dye and dyeing, and pulp and paper industries. The objective of this monograph is to identify technical...

Proceedings of the 49th Industrial Waste Conference Purdue University, May 1994

1st Edition

Ronald F. Wukasch
December 29, 1994

Known and used throughout the world, the Purdue Industrial Waste Conference Proceedings books are the most highly regarded in the waste treatment field. New research, case histories, and operating data cover every conceivable facet of today's big problems in environmental control, treatment,...

Emission Control from Industrial Boilers

1st Edition

John T. Quigley, Frank L. Cross, Jr., Howard D. Hesketh
December 28, 1994

From the PrefaceThe Clean Air Act Amendments (CAAA) of 1990 significantly affect commercial and industrial combustion devices such as boilers, incinerators, and other burners. Under the new emission regulations already promulgated and those being developed, compliance will require improved...

Metal Speciation and Contamination of Soil

1st Edition

Herbert E. Allen, Chin-Pao Huang, George W. Bailey, Alan R. Bowers
November 29, 1994

Metal Speciation and Contamination of Soil provides a thorough overview of the biogeochemical processes governing the behavior, transport, and bioavailability of heavy metals in contaminated soils and suggests alternative approaches for effective remediation. This important new book contains...

Mercury Pollution Integration and Synthesis

1st Edition

Carl J. Watras, John W. Huckabee
November 11, 1994

This book contains 57 chapters describing the results of original research and reviewing the state-of-the-science with respect to environmental mercury. Topics include analytical methodology, atmospheric cycling, freshwater and marine ecosystems, terrestrial processes, bioaccumulation, modeling,...

Pollution Prevention

1st Edition

Louis Theodore
November 10, 1994


Alternative Fuels and the Environment

1st Edition

Frances S. Sterrett
October 12, 1994

Alternative Fuels and the Environment evaluates the timely issue of renewable, alternative resources to fossil fuels and nuclear energy, such as solar, anemoelectric, hydroelectric, and geothermal energy. These alternative power sources not only have the advantage of being renewable, but they are...

A Practical Guide for Hazardous Waste Management, Administration, and Compliance

1st Edition

James L. Lieberman
September 27, 1994

A Practical Guide for Hazardous Waste Management, Administration, and Compliance delivers in a concise fashion the information needed to establish, expand, administer, and audit a hazardous waste program. The presentation follows the logical steps necessary to establish a Resource Conservation and...