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Management of Problem Soils in Arid Ecosystems

1st Edition

A. Monem Balba
July 14, 1995

Management of Problem Soils in Arid Ecosystems examines the challenges of managing soils in arid and semiarid regions. These soils contain low organic matter, are not leached, and accumulate lime, gypsum, and/or soluble salts, requiring special management and practices. This book discusses how to...

Power Frequency Magnetic Fields and Public Health

1st Edition

William F. Horton, Saul Goldberg
June 27, 1995

The prospect that electromagnetic fields (EMFs) may foster disease is an alarming thought-one which raises such questions as: What are these invisible forces? How are they produced? Is there conclusive evidence that they are harmful to the human body? How do we protect ourselves against possible...

Ion Exchange Technology: Advances in Pollution Control

1st Edition

Arup K. SenGupta
June 15, 1995


Handbook of Air Toxics: Sampling, Analysis, and Properties

1st Edition

Lawrence H. Keith, Mary Walker
May 09, 1995

The Handbook of Air Toxics compiles, defines, and clarifies several methods and concepts of airborne toxic substances found in the environment. This comprehensive reference helps regulators, consultants, and other environmental professionals meet the challenges of sampling and analysis, emissions...

Monitoring and Remediation Wells: Problem Prevention, Maintenance, and Rehabilitation

1st Edition

Stuart A. Smith
May 04, 1995

There is a growing problem of performance degradation of wells and associated systems on sites where groundwater quality is monitored or remediation performed. This book acts as a valuable guide in keeping monitoring and pumping well systems operating to their best capacity. It addresses the need...

Hazardous Waste Planning

1st Edition

J. Andy Soesilo, Stephanie Wilson
April 07, 1995

This new book describes the management of hazardous waste programs in the private and public sectors from the planning perspective. Hazardous Waste Planning covers a wide variety of planning components as well as the types of hazardous waste planning. It systematically compiles various sources of...

Pollution Prevention Handbook

1st Edition

Thomas E. Higgins
March 29, 1995

The Pollution Prevention Handbook provides the necessary tools to set up a successful pollution program; implement specific projects to meet environmental regulation, and improve efficiency and product quality. Methods used to reduce waste generation are illustrated, and new treatment methods to...

Bioaerosols Handbook

1st Edition

Christopher S. Cox, Christopher M. Wathes
March 29, 1995

This comprehensive handbook provides up-to-date knowledge and practical advice from established authorities in aerosol science. It covers the principles and practices of bioaerosol sampling, descriptions and comparisons of bioaerosol samplers, calibration methods, and assay techniques, with an...

Soil Management and Greenhouse Effect

1st Edition

John M. Kimble, Elissa R. Levine, B.A. Stewart
March 23, 1995

Soil Management and Greenhouse Effect focuses on proper management of soils and its effects on global change, specifically, the greenhouse effect. It contains up-to-date information on a broad range of important soil management topics, emphasizing the critical role of soil for carbon storage....

Soils and Global Change

1st Edition

John M. Kimble, Elissa R. Levine, B.A. Stewart
March 23, 1995

The pedosphere - the thin mantel of soil on the earth's surface - plays a potentially crucial role in climate and climate change . The carbon storage of soils is the second largest in the biosphere, making the dynamics of soil organic carbon an important issue that must be understood if we are to...

Groundwater Models for Resources Analysis and Management

1st Edition

Aly I. El-Kadi
March 23, 1995

Written by renowned experts in the field, this book assesses the status of groundwater models and defines models and modeling needs in the 21st century. It reviews the state of the art in model development and application in regional groundwater management, unsaturated flow/multiphase flow and...

Microbiology of Landfill Sites

2nd Edition

Eric Senior
March 03, 1995

This book was originally published in 1990 and was the first text to consider the definitive fundamental science of landfill biotechnology. Since then, major research initiatives, particularly in the U.K. and South Africa, have resulted in considerable advancement in our knowledge of landfill...