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Grid Parity: The Art of Financing Renewable Energy Projects in the U.S.

1st Edition

Gene Beck CEM, CLP
May 12, 2014

Grid Parity provides an in-depth examination of the knowledge, insights, and techniques that are essential to success in financing renewable energy projects. An energy project finance expert with 35 years of experience in capital asset financing, the author provides a comprehensive overview of how...

Ecology and Applied Environmental Science

1st Edition

Kimon Hadjibiros
October 01, 2013

Ecology and Applied Environmental Science addresses the impact of contemporary environmental problems by using the main principles of scientific ecology. It offers a brief yet comprehensive explanation of ecosystems based on energy, populations, and cycles of chemical elements. The book presents a...

Environmental Health: Indoor Exposures, Assessments and Interventions

1st Edition

Theodore A. Myatt, Joseph G. Allen
January 23, 2013

This title includes a number of Open Access chapters. Recent advances have been made on the identification of pollutants in indoor environments, the health effects associated with indoor or personal exposures, and interventions that can be implemented by occupants to mitigate exposures. The focus...

Frontiers of Energy and Environmental Engineering

1st Edition

Wen-Pei Sung, Jimmy C.M. Kao, Ran Chen
November 23, 2012

Frontiers of Energy and Environmental Engineering brings together 192 peer-reviewed papers presented at the 2012 International Conference on Frontiers of Energy and Environment Engineering, held in Hong Kong, December 11-13, 2012. The aim of the conference was to provide a platform for researchers,...

Aerosols Handbook: Measurement, Dosimetry, and Health Effects, Second Edition

2nd Edition

Lev S. Ruzer, Naomi H. Harley
August 15, 2012

With the rapid growth of the nanotechnology industry, the need to understand the biological effects of aerosol exposure has become increasingly important. Featuring contributions by leading experts in the field, Aerosols Handbook: Measurement, Dosimetry, and Health Effects, Second Edition offers an...

Clean Energy, Climate and Carbon

1st Edition

Peter J. Cook
March 19, 2012

With the general reader in mind, Clean Energy, Climate and Carbon outlines the global challenge of decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. It covers the changing concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide through time and its causes, before considering the promise and the limitations of a wide range...

Management of Indoor Air Quality

1st Edition

Marzenna R. Dudzinska
June 07, 2011

Due to changes in lifestyle, people spend more time indoors. This refers not only to the time spent at home and at office premises, but also in shopping malls, recreation centers and transport vehicles. Concentrations of many pollutants are higher indoors than they are outdoors. Consequently, the...

Managing Indoor Air Quality, Fifth Edition

5th Edition

H.E. Burroughs, Shirley J. Hansen
April 25, 2011

Finding solutions to indoor air quality problems is often a complex, multifaceted endeavor. This practical desk reference serve as a guide and information resource – both on treating existing indoor air problems effectively – and on preventing costly IAQ problems from occurring in the first place....

Radioactive Air Sampling Methods

1st Edition

Mark L. Maiello, Mark D. Hoover
October 18, 2010

Although the field of radioactive air sampling has matured and evolved over decades, it has lacked a single resource that assimilates technical and background information on its many facets. Edited by experts and with contributions from top practitioners and researchers, Radioactive Air...

Sick Building Syndrome and Related Illness: Prevention and Remediation of Mold Contamination

1st Edition

Walter E. Goldstein
August 19, 2010

Small but mighty, ranging from 3 to 100 microns in size, miniscule mold organisms can cause big problems. A seemingly minor water leak behind a wall, unnoticed until the sinister color of mold is evident, can wreak havoc and cause a financial nightmare. A practical primer, Sick Building Syndrome...

Environmental Biotechnology

1st Edition

M. H. Fulekar
July 19, 2010

This book provides information essential to students taking courses in biotechnology as part of environmental sciences, environmental management, or environmental biology programs. It is also suitable for those studying water, waste management, and pollution abatement. Topics include biodiversity,...

Air Pollution: Health and Environmental Impacts

1st Edition

Bhola R. Gurjar, Luisa T. Molina, C.S. P. Ojha
June 22, 2010

Air pollution is recognized as one of the leading contributors to the global environmental burden of disease, even in countries with relatively low concentrations of air pollution. Air Pollution: Health and Environmental Impacts examines the effect of this complex problem on human health and the...