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Mobile, Wireless and Sensor Networks: A Clustering Algorithm for Energy Efficiency and Safety

1st Edition

Amine Dahane, Nasr-Eddine Berrached
June 28, 2019

Wireless networking covers a variety of topics involving many challenges. The main concern of clustering approaches for mobile wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is to prolong the battery life of the individual sensors and the network lifetime. For a successful clustering approach, the need of a...

Cloud Computing in Remote Sensing

1st Edition

Lizhe Wang, Jining Yan, Yan Ma
June 28, 2019

This book provides the users with quick and easy data acquisition, processing, storage and product generation services. It describes the entire life cycle of remote sensing data and builds an entire high performance remote sensing data processing system framework. It also develops a series of...

Multi-Agent Systems: Platoon Control and Non-Fragile Quantized Consensus

1st Edition

Xiang-Gui Guo, Jian-Liang Wang, Fang Liao, Rodney Swee Huat Teo
June 27, 2019

Multi-Agent Systems: Platoon Control and Non-Fragile Quantized Consensus aims to present recent research results in designing platoon control and non-fragile quantized consensus for multi-agent systems. The main feature of this book is that distributed adaptive sliding mode control (SMC) algorithms...

Physics of Semiconductors and Nanostructures

1st Edition

Jyoti Prasad Banerjee, Suranjana Banerjee
June 25, 2019

This book is a comprehensive text on the physics of semiconductors and nanostructures for a large spectrum of students at the final undergraduate level studying physics, material science and electronics engineering. It offers introductory and advanced courses on solid state and semiconductor...

Optical Inspection of Microsystems, Second Edition

2nd Edition

Wolfgang Osten
June 25, 2019

Where conventional testing and inspection techniques fail at the microscale, optical techniques provide a fast, robust, noninvasive, and relatively inexpensive alternative for investigating the properties and quality of microsystems. Speed, reliability, and cost are critical factors in the...

Fundamentals of Internet of Things for Non-Engineers

1st Edition

Rebecca Lee Hammons, Ronald J. Kovac
June 25, 2019

The IoT is the next manifestation of the Internet. The trend started by connecting computers to computers, progressed to connecting people to people, and is now moving to connect everything to everything. The movement started like a race—with a lot of fanfare, excitement, and cheering. We’re now...

A Learner’s Guide to Fuzzy Logic Systems, Second Edition

1st Edition

K Sundareswaran
June 25, 2019

This book presents an introductory coverage of fuzzy logic, including basic principles from an interdisciplinary perspective. It includes concept of evolving a fuzzy set and fuzzy set operations, fuzzification rule base design and defuzzification and simple guidelines for fuzzy sets design and...

Fundamentals of Electric Machines: A Primer with MATLAB: A Primer with MATLAB

1st Edition

Warsame Hassan Ali, Matthew N. O. Sadiku, Samir Abood
June 24, 2019

An electric machine is a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy or vice versa. It can take the form of an electric generator, electric motor, or transformer. Electric generators produce virtually all electric power we use all over the world. Electric machine blends the three...

Capacitive Silicon Resonators: Performance Enhancement Methods

1st Edition

Nguyen Van Toan, Takahito Ono
June 24, 2019

Microfabricated resonators play an essential role in a variety of applications, including mass sensing, timing reference applications, and filtering applications. Many transduction mechanisms including piezoelectric, piezoresistive, and capacitive mechanisms, have been studied to induce and detect...

A Complete Guide to Wireless Sensor Networks: from Inception to Current Trends

1st Edition

Ankur Dumka, Sandip K. Chaurasiya, Arindam Biswas, Hardwari Lal Mandoria
June 20, 2019

This book provides comprehensive coverage of the major aspects in designing, implementing, and deploying wireless sensor networks by discussing present research on WSNs and their applications in various disciplines. It familiarizes readers with the current state of WSNs and how such networks can be...

Handbook of Automotive Human Factors

1st Edition

Motoyuki Akamatsu
June 19, 2019

Thanks to advances in computer technology in the last twenty years, navigation system, cabin environment control, ACC, advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) and automated driving have become a part of the automobile experience. Improvement in technology enables us to design these with greater...

Electronics and Communications Engineering: Applications and Innovations

1st Edition

T. Kishore Kumar, Ravi Kumar Jatoth, V .V. Mani
June 17, 2019

Every day, millions of people are unaware of the amazing processes that take place when using their phones, connecting to broadband internet, watching television, or even the most basic action of flipping on a light switch. Advances are being continually made in not only the transmission of this...